Starring Drew Barrymore and Jimmy Fallon, Fever Pitch is a return to classic romantic comedies.

Lindsey Meeks (Barrymore), a successful workaholic, is about to turn 30 and is having her latest struggle with dating when she meets an easy going school teacher named Ben Wrightman (Fallon). Embarking on a winter romance, Lindsey and Ben fall in love, but it isn’t until spring rolls around that Ben reveals to Lindsey his other love – baseball – a 23 year long obsession that threatens to strike out their relationship.

This is a good old-fashioned love story that asks the tough questions like: how much do you have to change to have a successful relationship? and to what degree do you accept a person for who they are? Fever Pitch is thoroughly entertaining, thanks in part to its two leads, and the universal theme of the relationship obstacles that all couples have to overcome.

Drew has kept to her naturally long wavy locks and enhanced them by adding soft shaped layers and swept piecey bangs. The copper color she sports in Fever Pitch accentuates her eyes and natural beauty.

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