Set in 1812, The Brothers Grimm tells the story of Jacob (Heath Ledger) and Will (Matt Damon), two brothers who spend their time collecting mythical tales and then turning them into reality (with the help of two actors and some home made special effects) in order to scam money from superstitious townsfolk.

When their act is caught out by the French General, Delatombe, he orders the brothers to the town of Marbaden where a number of young girls have mysteriously disappeared. Convinced the town is being fleeced by another gang of con men, Delatombe wants the brothers to tell him how the trick is being pulled off. However, when the brothers arrive at Marbaden, they soon realize that the curse is in fact very real and begin a race against time to save the townsfolk, themselves and to stop a long dead evil queen (Monica Bellucci) from trying to live as a youthful beauty forever.

While the lead characters are based on the real life storytellers, The Brothers Grimm is not a fairytale. It is a dark story that is full of horror and comedy and very cleverly works in references to classic stories such as Little Red Riding Hood, Hansel and Gretel, Cinderella, Rapunzel, and The Frog Prince. There are some genuinely scary moments which will make you look at horses, wells and gingerbread men very differently. Although some might expect more from a movie with such well known leads, The Brothers Grimm is still entertaining and a movie worth seeing.

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