When her relationship starts to hit rock bottom, Brooke (Jennifer Aniston), an art dealer, calls it quits with her boyfriend of two years, Gary (Vince Vaughn), a host for Chicago bus tours, because she is sick of him acting like a child.

But, what happens when your partner becomes your ex? Well it’s all about taking back what’s yours in this hilarious comedy.

It all starts when neither of them is willing to move out of their condo. So, they live together in the house as hostile roommates and start a war of out-of-control tactics, each hoping the other one will crack.

But, with all the arguments, clothes throwing and sleepless nights, Brooke and Gary slowly realize that what they are really fighting for is to keep their relationship alive.

And, so it starts all over again, but this time with Brooke and Gary trying to get each other back into their relationship with a whole new set of tactics.

What I love most about this movie is that it really shows how confusing being in a relationship can actually be.

This fantastic comedy gets a thumbs-up from TheHairStyler.com!

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