From the director of American Pie, comes American Dreamz a satire comedy that focuses on a popular fictional singing show and what the contestants will do to become America's next singing sensation.

Taking a shot at TV shows like American Idol, complete with a selfish host (played by Hugh Grant) and the blonde Midwestern sweetheart (Mandy Moore) is an easy target and "American Dreamz" does a good job of it. The rest of the plot lines however involve Dennis Quaid as an out-of-the-loop President who has just realized what the world is really like, and a bumbling would-be terrorist named Omer who accidentally steals his cousins dream of being a finalist on American Dreamz and is then ordered to assassinate the President, who just happens to be a guest judge on the show's finale.

Unrealistic plot twists aside American Dreamz is really about the characters. Mandy Moore as a southern belle who is willing to step over anyone and anything to get what she wants plays the two faced character fantastically. Hugh Grant as the equally selfish show host is just as memorable, and although the would-be-terrorist plotline is out of place, the characters of Omer and his over-the-top, wannabe-famous cousin is what delivers some of the best laughs.

The film itself plays out in pieces as the plotlines of the characters are set up to come together in the finale. The finale, however, ends a little too quickly and is not as biting or satisfying as it should be.

With too many targets to hit (and not being able to hit them all) American Dreamz had the potential to be a great black comedy and the cast to do it, but unfortunately, just didn't quite make it.

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