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Sex and the city 1

Online Hairstyle Makeovers for Frustrated "Sex and the City" Stars

Eyes closed and mouth open. That's how I looked because I was horrified and sad. It all came over me when, glued to my TV, I first saw Sarah, Ki... Read more...

Miley cyrus bad side

Miley Cyrus: Bad Attitude or Bad Hair?

Miley Cyrus hairstyles

Hot vs not side

Wispy Cuts vs. Straight Cuts

Scarlett Johansson


Will smith old side

Hair ain't an Issue for These "Sexy" (Old) Men

Most of the guys on the list are over 30, and even 40, and there's nothing particularly stylish about them. How many women do you see at that ag... Read more...

Victoria beckham bob side

Victoria Beckham's Concave Bob

When the Beckham's announced they would be moving to Hollywood there was a lot of speculation on how they would fit in or if they would hold up ... Read more...

Sex and the city 1

Sex and the City: Your Hair ain't Pretty (Part One)

I was so excited. I couldn't wait to see their glamorous outfits and I expected the world from their hairdos. And out they came: draped in desig... Read more...

Side celeb 1

Amy Winehouse: Another Tormented Talent

Deep in the gut of Amy Winehouse, we think, is a brilliant musician and pints of talent. Lately, however, Amy's had some very saddening problems... Read more...

Carrie underwood bangs side

Carrie Underwood's Bang Hairstyles

We Love Carrie


Tyra banks hair side

Tyra Banks' Hair Styles Make the Woman

I talked to 6 of her different hairstyles and found out what makes Tyra tick.

Sports Illustrated Hairstyle

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Paparazzi side

Celebrity Hairstyle Pictures: The Paparazzi's Bloodsport

Hugh Grant hairstyles

Miley selena hair side

Miley Cyrus vs. Selena Gomez in Survivor: Teen Celebrity

Miley Cyrus and Selena Gomez are teen sensations on top of ... Read more...

High school musical 3 side

High School Musical 3 Hairstyles

So I thought I'd do something a bit different in my coverage of High School Musical 3. We love the stars from the movie, and we think t... Read more...

Emmy side

The Emmys: A Great Place to Find a Date

The Emmys are for losers and they're boring. There's the opinion out there that the Emmys are the poor man's Oscars- in other words, that all th... Read more...

90210 side

Beverly Hills 90210 and Celebrity Hairstyles Over the Hill

Jennie Garth hairstyles

Bond girls side

Halle Berry and the James Bond Girls: A Hairstyle Debate

Bond Girls and Hair

Roger: So what are we discussing exactly?

Sue: We're ...

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