It’s not just healthy, shiny hair strands that can make your hair color stand out; makeup is also a fun and easy way to put the spotlight on your brunette locks. Keep reading to find out how you can use makeup to your advantage.

Foundation for Brunettes

The purpose of foundation is to even out your complexion and create a great base that will allow your eye shadow, lipstick, blush etc. to shine. It's a real benefit to the rest of your makeup and also to your hair color. After all, if the skin on your face is washed out or looks unnaturally dark, blotchy, red and uneven, then your brunette locks (which sit against your skin) will lose some of their luster.

Foundation should never feel heavy, caked on, look mask like or be obvious. If your current foundation doesn’t give you a natural looking glow, take a trip to your local beauty counter and ask a professional to help you find the right foundation type for you.

Makeup Tip: cream foundation is perfect for dry skin, while mineral or liquid foundation will work best for normal and oily skin.

Model with warm skin and brunette hairModel with cool skin and brunette hair

As for the right foundation for your brunette hair color, an even, natural looking complexion is essential and will allow your hair to be the focus of your look. The key is to aim for neutral hues to complement your brown locks and provide a color that won’t clash with your chocolate tresses.

If your skin tone is a little too pink or lacks a hint of warmth (which most do), then you’ll need to pick a color correcting foundation to get your complexion to look neutral. All foundations have either a pink base or a yellow base. A pink base will work to balance out a cool skin tone, while a yellow base will help with warm skin tones.

Makeup Tip: if you don't know what your skin tone is, check out this article, Choosing Your Skin Tone and Enhancing Your Hair Color.

Now that you know that a flawless, neutral foundation will allow your brunette locks to shine and give you the right base for your makeup, use the application tips in our article, Makeup Tips: Foundation to apply your foundation. Then all you need to do is ensure the rest of your makeup color choices will also do your brunette locks justice!

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