Paris Hilton hairstylesParis Hilton tends to stick to the same long, blonde hairstyle (except for the odd wig), but she does mix it up with a nice updo once in a while. Here, she is at a classy event that calls for demure hair and has opted to sweep those hair extensions up into a sophisticated ‘do.

If you have a fancy event to attend, you too can look like Paris if you have medium to long hair.  Ladies with short hair can emulate the front of this style but will need the help of a lot of pins (and possibly a hairstylist) to sweep it back.

Paris Hilton hairstylesFirst, start by adding long, loose waves to your hair. Large hair rollers will work the best, so set your hair in these and give them a spray to hold the shape.  When you take out the rollers, finger comb your hair at the ends to separate the waves slightly.

Next, loosely part your hair on the side and spray the hair into place with a bit of volume like Paris’, leaving a few tendrils to frame the face if you have shorter layers. If your bangs are all grown out, skip this step of course and just sweep them to the side, pinning them into place.

Finally, sweep the rest of the hair into a low bun or roll, whatever suits your length and preference best. Top it all off with a killer gown and glamorous makeup and voila, you are now rocking a Beverly Hills babe updo!