Newly engaged Miley Cyrus is experimenting with her hair lately, maybe in an effort to shed her teenage pop star persona. And there is no doubt about it; Miley certainly looks different in other aspects as well. In addition to a dramatic weight loss and possibly a new set of veneers, Cyrus has changed her fashion sense and chopped off her long golden waves into a more sophisticated bob. So what do you think of her image overhaul, and more specifically, her new ‘do?

Miley Cyrus hairstylesHer new cut instantly adds some class and sophistication, and suits her oval face shape well. Miley’s large eyes and bright white smile take center stage instead of her hair now, which is no bad thing. Miley has retained her waves but accentuated the volume in her hair by adding teasing to the roots to create a Sixties bouffant vibe. The hair color has remained the same—a warm brown base with golden highlights- which was a good move by Miley because she has the perfect color for her skin tone.

We have yet to see Cyrus wear her new bob in a sleek, straight style, which would look super chic, especially with her new wardrobe.

What is your verdict on Miley’s hair? Do you prefer it long with loose waves, or her new voluminous bob?

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