And true to form, Cyndi Lauper has kept her unique style well into her years as a mature lady, when most women start letting their grey hair show and get sensible, shorter cuts. Not Cyndi. And why should she, or any of us, for that matter? She shows us that you can look and act youthful as long as you want to—don't let anyone tell you when you can stop having fun! Here are some of Cyndi's best looks:

Cyndi Lauper hairstylesHere, Cyndi goes for a platinum blonde, super curly updo that tumbles down to her shoulders. This hair color looks great with her cool skin tone and the voluminous hairstyle frames her oblong face shape well.


Cyndi Lauper hairstylesCyndi is still lovin' the tumbling curls in this photo, but has gone for an ice-white blonde rather than the more yellow platinum shade shown in the previous photo. Her hair is shorter here, so she gets the same look as above without having to pin it up.


Cyndi Lauper hairstyles

In this look, Cyndi has ditched the ringlets and replaced them with uneven, jagged curls and kinks. To mix up the color a bit, she has added striking highlights of black to funk up her platinum blonde base.


There's no doubt about it—Cyndi Lauper has one killer sense of style!

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