Miley Cyrus hairstylesMiley Cyrus pulled off a demure look on the red carpet lately as she channeled some old Hollywood glamour into her usual style. If you have medium warm skin like Miley, you too can pull off this hair and makeup color pallet with ease.

For those who aren’t sure if their skin tone is cool or warm, hold up a piece of gold jewellery to your skin. If the gold piece makes your skin bright and glowing, you have warm skin. If it makes your skin look ruddy, you have cool skin. Now, warm-skinned ladies, read on to find out how to get this look made just for you!

The hair color: Miley has naturally golden brown hair that lightens up to a buttery blonde. Here, her colorist has graduated her hair color from dark to light. Ask your stylist to give you sun-kissed ends to achieve the same look.

The makeup: Miley’s makeup palette is perfect for warm skin. Her blue eyes are accentuated with thick black eyeliner (brown would also work), lots of mascara and some fake lashes. Her cheekbones get a light dusting of warm peach bronzer which helps to define her bone structure and add more sun-kisses. Finally, her orange-red lipstick makes her teeth look super white, while matching perfectly with her hair color and makeup. Well done, Miley, for a stunning evening look!

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