Have you ever thought about wearing blue eyeliner or eye shadow? If you think that blue eye makeup belongs back in the Eighties along with sweatbands and badly permed hair—think again!

Blue eye makeup has come a long way in terms of color and formula, so if you try this shade out then rest assured, you’ll look fashion-forward rather than lost in a time warp. Nowadays, you have a variety of colors to choose from like bold cobalt, sophisticated navy or playful baby blue. The general rule of thumb is- the darker your eye color, the darker the blue should be. Take a look at these celebrities and see how they are wearing blue.

Abigail Breslin hairstylesAbigail Breslin has golden blonde hair and blue eyes. She has chosen a medium silver-blue to match her iris color and lined the inner top and bottom lash lines with it. This shade is perfect for her—its not too dark and not too light, and subdued enough for a classy evening look.


Katy Perry hairstylesKaty Perry loves her makeup bright and bold, so when she turned her hair to a bright golden blonde, gone was the electric blue eyeliner that she wore with her darker hair, and in came the lighter powder blue eyeliner and eye shadow. This shade matches her light blue eyes, however it suits a cool white blonde shade of hair better.


Jessica Knappet hairstylesJessica Knappet shows how brunettes can work a light silver blue eye shadow without looking gaudy. This light sheer blue color highlights her eyes subtly without looking too bold.