A refreshing change from bubble-gum pop princesses, Dev has crazy hair, crazy clothes, and crazy makeup to match. If you want to look like Dev, first you need to get a short asymmetrical haircut and add in some purple highlights. Then, you are ready for her makeup. Here’s how to get Dev’s look:

Dev hairstylesLike the lovely Amy Winehouse, Dev is all about the cat eye. However unlike Amy (who was a fan of liquid liner) it looks like Dev has used a powder or pencil to get her cat eye effect. In any case, start with gold and brown eye shadow applied across the upper lid. You can also bring it down around the bottom lash line slightly, for extra impact. Next, line the entire eye with a black eyeliner pencil. Keep the thickness uniform, except for the outer edges where it should get thicker. Then, apply a black eye shadow powder to the crease of the eyelid and flare it out towards the temples. Gradually build on the top lash line with the powder until you get an exaggerated arch like Dev. Follow it up with loads of mascara.

The next part of her look is the bright lips. Dev has chosen a bright coral shade that looks good with her fair skin, but you can choose any color that matches your skin tone and is bold. It’s rare that you would work both a bold eye and lip, but then again, this is not your everyday makeup look!