Television personality Courtney Hansen knows how to work the camera to her full advantage—so what is up with this makeup?! While she does tend to veer towards overtly sexy looks, this makeup has surpassed looking titillating—it just looks trashy. Here is how you can avoid a similar makeup disaster:

Courtney Hansen hairstyles• There's a whole lotta tan going on here—probably a combination of fake and natural. In any case, the orange look is so early Noughties—overdoing the fake bake to the point of looking unnatural is over!
• Courtney has tried to go for a smokey eye look but the combination of white and silver eye shadow, orange skin and chalky black eyeliner is just awful. If you are tanned and have dark eyes, go for brown tones instead. Courtney also needs to get out the blending brush for this eye makeup to look polished—as it stands, it looks like a child drew on her eyeliner.
• Super-tanned skin only needs a sheer highlighter or bronzer on the cheeks because it has so much pigment already. Leave the bold blushes for other skin tones.
• Do not do outline your lips with a nude liner and then leave them as is. Put on a coating of lipstick, lip gloss—something, anything!! Otherwise you end up with an obvious pencil line--yuck!

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