Mena Suvari Long Straight Formal Wedding Hairstyle

Added: 21st August 2016
This chic 'do is pulled back and and pinned in place to create a sleek up-do that will turn heads at any occasion. The stunning hairstyle is easy to re-create at home and needs strong hold product to keep it in place all day or night.

Mena Suvari goes for a classic up-do here pinning her locks up at the back and leaving out her long bangs in the front. Mena usually keeps her hair short to medium length which suits her square shaped face nicely. Here she softens up her wide jawline by wearing a longer fringe that sculpts to the face and highlights her cheekbones. The center part and side-sweeping bangs gives her forehead some coverage while creating a sexy peek-a-boo effect, while the rest of her hair is pinned up with a charming bouffant effect at the crown.

Mena has blue eyes and an ivory skin tone which makes her suited to blonde and auburn colors the best. Here, she goes for an all-over light blonde tone that flatters her peachy complexion and showcases her striking eyes. This is a natural-looking color for Mena that gives her tresses a sun-kissed finish.

Mena Alexandra Suvari is an American actress, fashion designer and model. Shortly after beginning her career as a model, Suvari appeared in guest roles on such 1990s television shows as Boy Meets World and High Incident. She then went on to star in American Pie and American Beauty.