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Easy Hair and Beauty Habits

If you don't have the dedication for an involved pampering routine, then the simple solution is to try incorporating some easy hair and beauty habits into your life instead. Read More »

Lipstick Tips

Perfect your pout with these lipstick tips! Read More »

Eyelash Makeup Tips: Making the Most of Your Mascara

Find out how to pull off a great eyelash look using your mascara! Read More »

Makeup Tips: Foundation

Find out how to choose, apply and make the most of your foundation with these great makeup tips! Read More »

Blush Basics & Tips to Makeover Your Cheekbones

We let you in on all the basics for buying and using blush and the tips that will makeover your cheekbones. Read More »

Monthly Beauty Regime for Healthy Hair & Nourished Skin!

Follow up your daily and weekly regimes with these monthly pampering suggestions! Read More »

Weekly Beauty Regime for Healthy Hair & Nourished Skin!

Build on your daily beauty routine with this easy weekly regime. Read More »

Daily Beauty Regime for Healthy Hair & Nourished Skin!

Get your hair healthy and your skin silky with this great daily beauty regime. Read More »

How to Create a Flattering Eye Shadow Look

We let you know how to create the most flattering eye shadow look for you. Read More »

Eye Shadow Basics

If you don't have a clue what to do when it comes to using eye shadow then check out these basics and tips. Read More »

Makeup Tricks: Shaping Your Lips

Learn how simple makeup tricks can enhance the natural shape of your lips. Read More »

Beauty Masks for Your Hair, Face and Hands

There's no better way to relax then to indulge with some beauty therapy, and the best kind of beauty therapy is the kind where you get to put your feet up and allow a simple treatment to do all the work. Read More »

6 Simple Steps to a DIY Pedicure

We show you how to turn your bathroom into a day spa with some at home pampering. Read More »

6 Simple Steps to a DIY Manicure

We show you how to turn your bathroom into a day spa with some at home pampering. Read More »

Skin Type and Hair Care Essentials

While it'd be wonderful to just wake up every morning with our skin and hair looking perfect and flawless, that isn't always the case. Read More »

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