Hair Color Questions

  • I have black hair that has been dyed over and over for years. What is the process for being able to achieve a coppery red color? How long would this take and would it damage my hair a lot? Also, if I can achieve this color, how would I maintain regrowth of greys? In the last few years the regrowth that is colored sparkles luminously and stands out. H.

    Hi, as a hairstylist it is hard for me to correctly assess a problem without being able to view the texture, tone, elasticity and condition of a persons hair and other factors up close, so I would suggest seeing a hair stylist in person as they will be able to personally advise you on the condition of your hair, how best to achieve the color that you want and how to effectively cover your greys. Thank you. Kind regards, Serah Schuster - THS Hair Consultant.

    Question from: helen // Added: 30th March 2014

  • Hi, my natural hair color is black, however for the last twenty or so years I've had it dyed all sorts of colors. For the last 3 years my hair has been browny underneath with blonde on top. The problem is because my hair is so dark naturally dying it blonde is difficult as it appears to go through the different color changes but ends up very brassy. My hairdresser applies a toner on top and this appears to work, but not for long. I use silver shampoo to reduce brassiness and conditioner. I have started to get more gray hair but it is still sparse. I would like my hair ash blonde all over but my hairdresser is reluctant to do so. Could I do it myself? Thanks.

    Hi Kate, to answer your question as honestly as possible I would have to say No, No, No, don't do it yourself! That would end up in disaster for sure! If your hairstylist is having trouble getting the brassiness out of your hair in a controlled environment, using their expertize and knowledge in hair coloring, you would not stand a chance of making it better. Your hair throws gold tones because it's so dark to start off with. The only way to get around this is to bleach your hair as light as possible and then tone it. The problem here is that this is rather damaging to your hair as the more yellow pigments you disperse out (through bleaching), the weaker your hair becomes, leading to breakage and split ends. Your best options would include hair pieces and wigs or simply a new color choice. Kind regards, THS Hair Consultant.

    Question from: kate // Added: 14th September 2009

  • Which hair color can I use? Please give me suggestions.

    Hi, if you're unsure about the shade of hair color to try then I recommend giving our Find Your Perfect Hair Color consultation a go. It can be found at this link: and will ask you questions based on your own personal attributes to help work out what is the right color for you. Kind regards, Serah Schuster - THS Hair Consultant.

    Question from: user-1655974 // Added: 26th August 2012

  • Hello, my hair color at the moment is light brown (permanently colored) and I want to make it the color that Ashley Madekwe has. Can you tell me what color is this? Thank you very much.

    Hi, thank you for your question. Ashley ( has a rich chocolate brown hair color. To get an exact match, we recommend taking a picture of her color into your salon and asking your hairdresser to match it as close as possible. Depending on your current hair color and the condition of you hair, this might be an easy change and fabulous result, or it may not be possible. The best way to find out, and to get the exact results that you want, is to seek the help of a professional. Good luck! Kind regards, Serah Schuster - THS Hair Consultant.

    Question from: katerina9-11-81 // Added: 05th July 2012

  • What is the best way to go from blonde highlighted hair back to my natural brunette? Thanks!

    Hi, thank you for your question. If you'd like to go back to your natural brunette color after being a blonde then you can either have your hair colored, or allow the blonde highlights to grow out. Growing out a color can be a long process and you will have to put up with re-growth and a hair color that looks uneven for quite a few months. If you choose to color your hair back to brunette, then we recommend seeing a hairstylist, (at least for the first color job) who can take a look at the condition of your hair and recommend the right process and hair color that will cover up the blonde and achieve the level of brunette hair color that you want. Kind regards, Serah Schuster - THS Hair Consultant.

    Question from: susan // Added: 10th March 2012

  • Hi, I am a 30 year old male with short length hair (usually keep it at 2-3 inches). I am probably about 75% white and my natural color is medium brown. Now here is my problem. For many years I have been crew cutting my hair and dying it black. Since growing it a bit (the last 5 months) I have colored the white regrowth a mixture of natural medium brown with a dash of dark ash blonde (was told the ash would prevent any golden/red tones). My hair was still black. Then I increased the dark ash blonde to a 75/25 ration. Still black. Tried just the medium brown. Still black. I am now onto light brown with a dash of dark ash blonde (all the above has been the suggestion of the salon colorist) and it seems like it is still too dark. What's wrong? I develop the color properly as per the instruction, leave it on for longer than the 30 minutes to 100% cover the grey and it is coloring over white hair. I'm at a loss really. I've read everywhere that for my hair to look natural I should not go too dark but I can't seem to go lighter. Cheers.

    Hi, if your hair was black from root to tip (artificial black) to begin with, you will not be able to achieve a lighter result by coloring over it as artificial color will NOT lighten another artificial color. That may be why that no matter what mixture you use, it always remains black. You would have to either grow out the black and cut it off or have a chemical processes done to remove it. You may also find that, after going over your hair with so many colors and mixtures, you are creating a build up of artificial color therefore always ending up with a dark/black result. The filler you will need to use (e.g the dash of dark blonde you have been using), will depend on the medium brown you are trying to achieve. In this case, I think the best way to get the color you want is to have your color done in a salon. That way a professional can assess your hair's condition and color and provide the right color and technique to achieve the medium brown that you want. Kind regards, Serah Schuster - THS Hair Consultant.

    Question from: Andrew // Added: 30th January 2012

  • I am 57 years old, lighter skin with a slender build and weight. I have a small face. I have been coloring my hair for many years a blondy tone. I am wondering when a person should consider going grey as I am all grey and how to go about it without feeling depressed? Also what would be the best haircut style? My hair is super straight.

    Hi, the decision to go grey can be a tough one and there are no set rules. As long as you are still comfortable with the way that you look with colored hair, then you can keep dying your hair at any age. Just ensure the color is flattering for your skin tone. In regards to finding the right cut for you, I recommend trying our hair consultation ( It will allow you to select all of your personal features (age, face shape, hair type etc) and receive styles from range to suit you. I would also recommend taking a trip to your salon and having a chat with a hairdresser who can see your skin tone, current hair color, condition and style in person. This way, they will be able to take everything into account and discuss with you in detail your grey hair and the type of cut that will suit your lifestyle so you can find the right look for you, and get advice on how you can go grey gracefully. Kind regards, Serah Schuster - THS Hair Consultant.

    Question from: Elsie // Added: 03th January 2012

  • Hi, I want to dye my hair the same red as Ariana Grande but I do not know if the color would look good on me. Is there away you can help me know if it suits me or not? thanks (:

    Hi, I would suggest uploading your photo (if you haven't already done so) and trying the hairstyle on to see how the color looks ( I would also suggest trying our hair consultation so you can get an idea about the types of hair colors that will suit you - Kind regards, Serah Schuster - THS Hair Consultant.

    Question from: Cinthya // Added: 20th October 2011

  • Hi, could you please tell me my face shape, I don't know what hairstyle suits me, plus got high forhead. My hair is growing out from blonde and my hair is light brown (dull with few grays). I would like to change my hair colour to a nice red or a mixture, have medium brown eyes and light complexion. It's jaw length and I don't want to go short (I am 57). Help please.

    Hi, if you're not sure about your face shape then I recommend taking our easy face shape quiz at this link: For hair colors and other hair ideas, our hair consultation will allow you to choose your age and other characteristics and suggest styles that will suit you. You can try it at this link: Kind regards, Serah Schuster - THS Hair Consultant.

    Question from: nikki // Added: 19th September 2011

  • I am 55 years old and plan to color my hair some kind of a brown tone, not too dark or light. I have always had blonde hair and my last hairstylist made my hair so light my face is now pale in appearance. Is there a safe brown hair coloring that can bring out my facial features and not look so "suprising". Also, what highlights would you use? I thought about a few copper or blonde highlights, that way I still have some blonde in my hair. Thanks.

    Hi, anyone can wear any hair color they like, just as long as that hair color is tailored to their skin tone. I suggest that when you visit your hairstylist next that you ask her to confirm your skin tone and let her know that are interested in trying a brown hair color and some complimentary highlights. That way she knows what you want and can make the right suggestions based on your skin tone and needs/wants. Kind regards, Serah Schuster - THS Hair Consultant.

    Question from: Sonja // Added: 04th September 2011

  • I have dark blonde hair and I get blonde highlights, then she uses an ash blonde toner. The toner washes out long before my hair needs to be highlighted again. My question is- is there a way to tone my hair at home between highlights? I found a product at Sally's by Wella that is labeled as a "toner" but the lady at Sally's told me it wasn't the type of toner I was looking for and that it would change the color of my non-highlighted hair. Is there a toner that I could buy for at home use that is similar to what they use in the salons?

    Hi, there are some toner shampoos that can be bought from hair supply stores that will help to tone highlighted hair at home, but they work in the same way as the product you have described that you found at Sally's. The advice you were given that using at home toners could change your non- highlighted hair is correct, so it's likely any products you use at home could damage the non-highlighted parts of your hair. If you are finding that your toner is washing out too quickly, I recommend that you instead ensure you are using a shampoo and conditioner that is designed for color treated hair (specifically blonde treated hair) and that you try to limit how often you wash your hair so the toner doesn't fade as quickly. If these options do not help then you may need to consider having your highlights touched up more regularly. Kind regards, Serah Schuster - THS Hair Consultant.

    Question from: Maggie // Added: 19th August 2011

  • Hi, I'm just wondering what blonde would suit me. I'm quite pale-ivory and I have hazel eyes so I know I have a warm undertone, but I'm just so pale and I don't really like golden blonde all that much and I want to go really light but am worried I will look washed out. I get highlights and lowlights put in atm. Pls help! Thanks :)

    Hi, blonde colors (other than Golden Blonde) that will match a warm skin tone are Beige Blonde or Light Titian. If you really want to know what light blonde will suit you most, however, I recommend visiting a hairstylist in person who can assess and confirm your skin tone and recommend which blonde will suit you most and how light you will be able to go without looking too pale. Kind regards, Serah Schuster - THS Hair Consultant.

    Question from: Catherine // Added: 31th May 2011

  • Hi! Do you know if there is any at-home DIY haircolor (like Loreal) that you think would match the color Light copper chestnut from the viritual hairstyles colors? I really want that haircolor, but i think hairsalons is a little expensive. My hair is now light honey blonde, so do you think it would be hard to achieve the right color, like it is in the viritual hairstyles, if i try to color it myself? Thanks in regards!

    Hi, I'm glad to hear that you have been able to find a hair color that you like. To answer your question, the hair colors seen on our website are unfortunately not available in stores and have been made exclusively for use with our program. If you would like to try and match one of the colors then we suggest taking a color print out of the hair color to a hair stylist as they will be the best person to speak to about matching the color, and can also offer personal advice on possible alternative colors if need be. Kind regards, Serah Schuster - THS Hair Consultant.

    Question from: Marie // Added: 01th June 2011

  • I wanted to do highlights and washed my hair with water and not shampoo. The result was that my hair was weakened and destroyed with a lot of breakage (I tried to cut as much hair off as I could). After that the first color I did was good from the roots to the ear level, but not through the ends. The 3rd time I colored my hair it was kind of good, but after the second wash, the color in the ends faded. Is the only way to fix it by cutting my ends or by getting a hairdresser's help to make the color stay?

    Hi, I would recommend that you do see a hairdresser in person as they will be able to assess the actual damage to your hair, suggest a hair color that will hold, and give you salon quality highlights which will make a big difference to the fading you've been experiencing. Good luck! Kind regards, Serah Schuster - THS Hair Consultant.

    Question from: fotchrist // Added: 18th May 2011

  • Hi, I have a lot of grey coming in and am getting tired of getting my roots done as it grows out too fast. What do you recommend for this? Should I get grey highlights through my hair? My hair length is below my shoulders with long layers and no bangs.

    Hi, if you want to keep covering your grey hair then unfortunately dying your roots is going to be part of your hair color upkeep. In regards to highlights, they will grow out just as quickly as your roots do so they are not an ideal solution. I recommend having a chat with a hairstylist in person who can see the level of grey and the condition of your hair up close and can then advise which hair colors you can try that will help to camouflage your grey, even as your roots and color grow out. If you're willing to let the grey take over then they can also advise you on the best way to do this and what color tones you can try to compliment a full grey hair color. Kind regards, Serah Schuster - THS Hair Consultant.

    Question from: Eva // Added: 17th May 2011

  • Hi, I am unsure of what my skin tone is and what colours will best suit me. I like having dark hair but I also like having it lighter aswell. What would suit me best, all over colour or highlights? I also want to try going red but am unsure of what shade to go.

    Hi, I would recommend taking a look at the following article which can help you decide on your skin tone - Once you've decided then our hair consultation will allow you to choose your skin tone and then recommend colors which will suit. Kind regards, Serah Schuster - THS Hair Consultant.

    Question from: Nicole // Added: 16th April 2011

  • I recently had my hair dyed. Previously I was a dark blonde with lots of bright highlights and I wanted to go to an all over light brown. Well the salon did my hair but it came out an Auburn brown and I am really not crazy about the red. I was hoping for a more golden look. What are my options to tone down this red?

    Hi, if you're not happy with a color job done at a salon then I recommend going back to the salon and letting them know that you wanted a more golden brown look. A good salon should be more than happy to discuss the options with you, and as they can see your hair color and hair condition in person, they will be able to give you the best advice in regards to achieving the color you want and toning down the red. Good luck! Kind regards, Serah Schuster - THS Hair Consultant.

    Question from: Evanee // Added: 10th April 2011

  • I have spent hours trying on the different hairstyles on your site and could not find a cut that I thought looked good. I have decided to leave my hair as is and try a color wth highlights but I don't know what color fits me best. I have up-loaded a picture on my account and have several images in my Favorites with color combinations that caught my eye. Do any of the colors seem to work for me? I like the colors on the first image (short cut) but am not able to determine what colors are being used. Is there a place on your site that will indicate the color of the hair? Thank you.

    Hi, I've taken a look at your favourites and think that the darker hair shades of brunette and red are the ones that suit you best based on your complexion in the uploaded photo. The color combinations that you have saved are the original colors of the celebrity or salon image used to create the hairstyle so we do not have any indicators on the site that will let you know the exact color. If you print out the favourites you like best and take them to a hairdresser, however, they should be able to match the colors for you and let you know for sure which color combination will work for you by looking at your complexion and hair condition in person. Kind regards, Serah Schuster - THS Hair Consultant.

    Question from: Corynthia // Added: 04th April 2011

  • I dyed my hair with a pre lighter a few weeks back and now the roots of my hair are yellow and the ends are a gingery colour. I was wondering what blonde hair dye I should now use ? I wish to go a very natural blonde, basically a dark blonde. Thank you.

    Hi, for a correct assessment, the best advice I can give is that you see a hair stylist in person as they will be able to see what the tone and and condition of your hair is up close and give you the best course of action for achieving the color that you want. Kind regards, Serah Schuster - THS Hair Consultant.

    Question from: susan // Added: 14th March 2011

  • Hi, I have a light olive complexion but now my hair is mostly grey/white with very little of my natural dark brown left. I am trying to pick a good permanent hair color that isn't too dark (because the regrowth shows in a week). I am using a level 6 dark golden blonde/dark neutral blonde now and I love the color because on top of my natural hair it always looks like I have highlights, but the color makes my skin look washed out. I hope to keep the "highlight look" so I don't want to go muck darker if possible. What options whould you suggest for me and other women like me?

    Hi, instead of dark golden blonde, I would recommend that you try using just dark blonde, which will have more depth in the color and not make your complexion look so washed out. It will also blend in better with what's left of your natural hair color and will still give you the highlighted look on top of your natural grey hair. Kind regards, Serah Schuster - THS Hair Consultant.

    Question from: Deborah // Added: 13th March 2011

  • I have ruddy but fair skin, blue eyes, and dark blond hair. I'm not sure if my skin is cool or warm, but know my foundation has no pink in it, more yellow tones. I like my hair cut and have been getting professional highlights but want to try on brown for a while. My natural blond is dark, dishwater, but with gold highlights in the sun, and seemingly colorless inside. Currently I have lowlights and highlights. My question is if I want to dye my hair brown, how do I know what tone will look best on me?

    Hi, based on the information provided and after looking at your picture, I'd say your complexion is 'peaches and cream'. This is a warm skin tone and will work well with colors that have a warm overtone. Anything from light brown to darkest brown will suit you, so I suggest trying on the warm brown hair colors in our Virtual Hairstyler (each color is listed as warm or cool or both when you hover over the color squares in the color chart). After narrowing down your choices with your photo, visit your hairdresser for a final, personal assessment on the right brown hair color for you. Kind regards, Serah Schuster - THS Hair Consultant.

    Question from: gena // Added: 01th February 2011

  • So I'm about to be 18 and my hair is natural black, never dyed it before, and I would like to dye it for my birthday. My skin color is cool dark and my eyes are black. I was thinking of dying my hair a burgundy brown (dark brown that looks red in the light). Do you think that will be a good color for me or what color do u think I should go for?

    Hi, yes a burgundy brown would suit your cool dark skin tone. Other options to consider based on your skin tone would be blue black, darkest red, dark violet and darkest brown. I hope you enjoy your hair color change! Kind regards, Serah Schuster - THS Hair Consultant.

    Question from: Maribel // Added: 13th December 2010

  • I dyed my hair about a year and a half ago and have been trying to get it back to its natural color by dying since then and I was wondering if stripping my hair of all the dye by a professional would damage it?

    Hi, having the color stripped from your hair will cause damage, but you can manage the damage with follow up care such as regular hair treatments and good conditioners. Your hairstylist should be able to recommend products when you go in to have your color stripped, so make sure to have a chat with them about the type of hair care you'll need to do to get your hair back into good condition. Kind regards, Serah Schuster - THS Hair Consultant.

    Question from: nicole // Added: 29th November 2010

  • Hello, I am a retired hairstylist and I do my own hair and I was wondering what is the easiest way to go blonde at home? I am a medium brown. I do a level 5 mocha brown on my hair that is faded now. I've done the blonde chunks before and everyone loves them, but I think I just want to go all blonde now. Can I get it an arctic blonde without bleach these days? I realize I would need a toner.

    Hi, in order to go blonde at home after being a mocha brown you will need to bleach or shampoo bleach the brown out until you lighten right down to a 9 or 10 base. This may take you a few gos until you reach the level of lightness needed to get to an arctic blonde. Good luck! Kind regards, Serah Schuster - THS Hair Consultant.

    Question from: Holly // Added: 10th November 2010

  • I am a guy with medium length hair and wanting to grow it out to be longer lengths of 5 - 6 inches (it is 3 - 4 inches now). When I get the longer length, I want to do a relaxer to have my hair somewhat straight and more manageable (it is thicker in texture). I also want to get highlights for the summer. Is it safe to highlight now and then get relaxer in another 2 - 3 months after that, or will the relaxer affect the highlights negatively?

    Hi, it is safe to relax your hair a few months after getting highlights, but how it will affect your highlights all depends on the state of your hair after the 2-3 month break between the processes. Please keep in mind that the more chemicals you use in your hair, the more brittle and weak your hair will become. I would recommend using a hair treatment every week before having the relaxing process done so that your hair is as healthy as possible. Kind regards, Serah Schuster - THS Hair Consultant.

    Question from: Brad // Added: 15th April 2010

  • I have dark brown hair and am wanting to go to a light blonde. I have currently blonde highlights and like the color but wonder if all blonde would be a good choice.

    Hi, if you want to know how you'd look as a blonde then I recommend adding your photo to our Virtual Hairstyler and seeing how you would look with some blonde hairstyles. It's a great risk free way to try out another color without having to touch your hair. If you still can't decide if blonde would be a good look for you then I also recommend taking a trip to a salon and speaking to a hair colorist in person as they will be able to take a look at your skin tone and let you know if a blonde hair color is right for you. Kind regards, Serah Schuster - THS Hair Consultant.

    Question from: nicole // Added: 22th March 2010

  • Hi! I am having trouble figuring out what my skin undertone is: cool, warm, or ruddy? I always thought that since I have freckles and my natural hair color is reddish, I must be warm. But, the veins on my wrist are blue and I noticed on the test here that you can also be ruddy which is cool undertones with freckles! I am so confused! I posted a gallery on my profile page with several pics of me with my natural hair color and a few others. Can someone please tell me what my coloring is. Also, I (and my hubby) want to try going very blond. I don't know if that is suitable for my coloring though and if so, which shade and how bright can I go? As a child, I was a "tow-head", I had very blond hair. It changed darker as I grew older. Thank you so much! Sherrie1984

    Hi Sherrie, judging by your photos and the description you've given, I'd say that your skin tone most resembles ruddy. If you have freckles, pink undertones (which are obvious in your photos) and blue veins then a cool, ruddy complexion seems most likely. Seeing a hair colorist in person can of course confirm this and also give you a definite answer. As for wanting to try a blonde hair color, having a cool complexion means that light blonde hair colors such as platinum and light ash blonde will suit you. Ask the colorist when you see them what they would recommend is a good color against your skin tone. Seeing a professional, especially when going blonde, means that you can also have the color tailored to suit you. Kind regards, Serah Schuster - THS Hair Consultant.

    Question from: Sherrie // Added: 21th March 2010

  • I have a lot of red/pink in my face. I assumed a red hair color would clash with my complexion, but it appears that I look better in some of the reds than I do in any other color except for maybe an ash brown. All the advice I have ever read says that if you have a ruddy complexion, you should stay away from red hair color. I would love to try red, but it's still hard for me to believe it won't look awful.

    Hi, while a red hair color can highlight the pink tones in a ruddy complexion that doesn't mean that you can't try a red hair color. A ruddy complexion is a cool hair color, and cool red hair colors such as copper blondes, or neutral red colors such as darkest red and dark red will suit. If you're worried about which color to go with, book an appointment with a professional who can look at your skin tone and offer the right advice about which red hair color you will be able to pull off. Kind regards, Serah Schuster - THS Hair Consultant.

    Question from: Lisa // Added: 02th March 2010

  • I have sort of 2 colors in my hair. On top it is like a brown and everything else is like a dark blonde. I have had my hair colored and highlighted before and would like to have all my hair one color (blonde) with maybe some highlights to break up the color. Any suggestions? I am not exactly sure what my natural haircolor is. When I was little it was all blonde but as I got older it sort of became a mix of the two colors with the brown on top and the blonde on the length throughout.

    Hi, if you'd like a natural looking color that's the same throughout your hair then I would recommend seeing a hair colorist, especially if you'd like blonde hair and highlights - which can be hard to pull off at home. Having your hair colored at the salon means you'll end up with a natural, even result that looks like the exact color that you want (at home kits are notorious for giving you a hair color that looks nothing like the box), and you'll also get the right color for you as a hair colorist can take a look at your skin tone and give you options that will look the best on you. Kind regards, Serah Schuster - THS Hair Consultant.

    Question from: Kimberly // Added: 26th February 2010

  • Hello there, my natural color is brown and for many years I was dying it blonde. From September I dyed it brown again for two months, then I switched to red for three months, and back to brown for another 3 months. I wanted to lighten up the color by using lightening powder and the result was frustrating. The roots naturally went to blonde, from ear to ends was red blonde, and from my eyes to ear level vivid red? I did the same thing when from brunette I wanted to switch to blonde and it worked fine. I didn't know what to do as I was working the next day so I dyed it brown again. What can I do to make it one color? Should I use the powder and then use it again for a second round in the eye to ear level to lighten up the red?

    Hi, if I were you I would stop coloring now and go a see a professional hair colorist, pronto! The damage that has been done to your hair by switching hair colors so often in the last few months is going to make it impossible for you to get a good, even result at home. Go and see a professional hair colorist who will be able to take a look at the current condition and color of your hair and advise you on the best course of action for achieving the hair color that you want. Kind regards, Serah Schuster - THS Hair Consultant.

    Question from: fotchrist // Added: 21th February 2010

  • Hi, my natural color hair is dark blonde/light brown. I always get blonde foils, not bleach blonde, but I haven't had it done since November. My hair has grown out about an inch but the roots aren't that bad looking because my natural hair isn't really dark. Anyway, I want to get an at home coloring kit of blonde. Would this mess my hair up in any way? Would my hair turn green or fall out?

    Hi, when it comes to color changes, I wouldn't recommend doing it at home as anything could go wrong. At home color kits usually don't turn out the same as the color on the box and your hair could turn green or it could break off. The best thing to do is go into a salon to have it done. That way you'll end up with the exact color that you want, with less risk to your hair. Kind regards, Serah Schuster - THS Hair Consultant.

    Question from: Anna // Added: 20th February 2010

  • My natural hair color is dark ash brown, I've been wanting to dye my hair blonde. I currently have heavy light blonde highlilghts. What would be a good blonde to go for? I have a medium skintone.

    Hi, without more information about your skin tone it would be hard for me to suggest some blonde hair colors so I recommend that you visit our hair consultation ( and use the information listed to determine if your skin tone is cool or warm. From there, you will be given a list of hair colors that will suit your skin tone. Going blonde can really change your whole look and is something most of us have done or want to do! For more info and tips about going blonde, I also recommend checking out this article: Kind regards, Serah Schuster - THS Hair Consultant.

    Question from: kim // Added: 15th February 2010

  • Hi! So my hair is a naturally ashy brownish blond color, I have been using box dye for about a year because of budget cuts. I want an exciting change, my hair is currently a dark brown, but as the color fades my hair takes to red very well, so it fades to an almost coppery chestnut color. I have a diamond shape face, and my complexion... I have freckles, but I am not fair skinned, more of yellow undertones than pink and I have light eyes that are blue green. I have always been tempted to do a red color (such as Kate Walsh's red), but have always been sketchy. What would the best hair color be for my skin type and what would be a fun way to spice it up from the usual brown so that I have a new kick to start the new year?! Thank you! Kelli

    Hi Kelli, it sounds like you have a cool complexion (olive, slightly beige with yellow undertones) so any hair color that has a cool overtone will suit you. Examples of cool hair colors for you are ash browns and blondes, copper reds, light blondes (think platinum and strawberry blonde) or anything from a dark to a light violet if you're after something different. If you really want to know what will suit you then I recommended visiting a professional colorist who can confirm your skin tone in person and discuss with you the types of colors that will suit you. Good luck! Kind regards, Serah Schuster - THS Hair Consultant.

    Question from: Kelli // Added: 06th January 2010

  • I just had my hair colored and really hate the color. My hair is naturally a medium/dark blonde. I have had highlights for years and they usually brighten me up and look shiny and pretty. I just had them done by a new colorist and my hair is now a dull beige/ash - like I look at it and think beige, not blonde. Never had this shade before and it totally looks old ladyish. It ages me and just looks meh. What should I do to brighten it up? Can I do highlights or a glaze? How soon can I go to a new colorist to adjust the color? I'd go tomorrow if I could.

    Hi, I would recommend getting highlights again over the top or using a toner to tone the ash/beige color. If you're not happy with the color that you recived then chances are your hair colorist will be more than happy to fix it for you. If you're not comfortable seeing that colorist again then visit another colorist for a better assessment. Kind regards, Serah Schuster - THS Hair Consultant.

    Question from: Suzanne // Added: 26th December 2009

  • I have naturally mousy blonde hair, really pale skin and very rosy cheeks and green eyes. I've been dying my hair dark brown for nearly 2 years and was thinking of dying it a slightly mahogany colour but I have no idea what will go with my skin tone/eye colour/red cheeks, what would you advise?

    Hi, I'd recommended trying our hair consultation. It'll allow you to choose your skin tone, eye color and natural/current hair color and then see what hair colors are compatible with those features. I'd also suggest adding your photo to our Virtual Hairstyler (if you haven't already done so) and then trying the recommended colors on using our virtual hair color chart. It's a great risk free way to see how you might look with a different hair color! Kind regards, Serah Schuster - THS Hair Consultant.

    Question from: philippa // Added: 21th December 2009

  • Hello! I have long golden/honey blonde hair that has never been colored or dyed. I am interested in dying it red, but have heard it often turns out pink on blondes. I want it to be a natural looking red but I am afraid once I do dye it I won't like it. Is there a way to try it (temporary dyes?) that wont affect my hair if I hate it? Whats the best suggestion of hair dye and a color that won't look bad. Thank you!

    Hi, if you're thinking of dying your hair for the first time then I would recommend visiting a professional hairstylist, even if it's just to have a consultation. A professional will be about to take a look at your natural color and advise you on the types of reds that will suit, the best way to get a natural looking red hair color, and which color process will work best for you. Seeing a professional should also eliminate the risk of you ending up with a color that you hate. Good luck! Kind regards, Serah Schuster - THS Hair Consultant.

    Question from: Melanie // Added: 13th December 2009

  • Um. What color would look good on me? I'm more into the alternative style, like emo and scene. My hair is naturally light brown, but I bleached it.

    Hi, if you'd like to know what hair color will be a good match for you then I recommend trying our hair consultation ( It will allow you to put in your personal attributes (such as hair color and skin tone) and get a list of hair colors that will suit. I also recommend adding your photo to the Virtual Hairstyler and trying on some of our alternative hairstyles: Kind regards, Serah Schuster - THS Hair Consultant.

    Question from: Mirand // Added: 12th December 2009

  • Hello, I have black hair but I want to add highlights. I have dark brown skin and a round face. I am not sure which highlights will fit me. Can you help me?

    Hi, as dark brown skin can be either cool or warm, I recommend using the skin complexion information in our hair consultation ( to accurately pick your skin tone, and then filling in the rest of the questions to receive a list of compatible hair colors. From there, you should be able to find a highlight color that will compliment your black hair, and skin tone. Kind regards, Serah Schuster - THS Hair Consultant.

    Question from: mledwar3 // Added: 09th December 2009

  • Hi, my natural hair color is a very light brown. I have blue-gray eyes and fair skin. Recently I have been thinking about dying my hair either a deeper brunette or a lighter blonde, however I am not sure about what color to choose. If you have any suggestions as to what shades I should choose, let me know. Thank you.

    Hi, your fair skin indicates a cool skin tone, while naturally light brown hair is a cool/warm hair color. This means that hair colors that are cool or neutral will suit you best. For ideas in regards to color, I recommend adding your details to our hair consultation ( After that, make an appointment with your hairdresser so that they can see your skin tone in person and match it perfectly with the hair color that you want. Kind regards, Serah Schuster - THS Hair Consultant.

    Question from: Inna // Added: 07th December 2009

  • I naturally have dirty blonde hair and for the past five years my hair has been platinum blonde. I am tired of the whole blonde thing and want to go darker but I am unsure of what color to do. I was thinking maybe a red color? I have fair skin, hazel eyes, and my wrist veins are blue if that tells you anything. Thank you.

    Hi, it sounds like you have a cool skin tone which means that any hair color with a cool undertone will suit you. If you're interested in trying a red hair color then give copper blondes a try. For more color ideas, try adding your attributes to our hair consultation, which can be found in the makeover menu at the top of this page. Kind regards, Serah Schuster - THS Hair Consultant.

    Question from: capobst997 // Added: 02th December 2009

  • Hi, my natural hair color is dark blonde hair but I have been dying it a medium brown and have some golden tones in it. I was wondering how I could lighten it back to a light brown or dark blonde without bleach. Thanks.

    Hi, unfortunately if you want to lighten hair your then do need to use some form of bleach. I recommend visiting a hairdresser in person for the best advice on how to achieve the color that you want as they can look at the current state of your hair color and condition, and advise accordingly. Kind regards, Serah Schuster - THS Hair Consultant.

    Question from: sonya // Added: 30th November 2009

  • Hi, I'm a 25 year old girl with brown skin. I wish to get a brand new hair color. Can you suggest something? I have curly deep brown hair, with a few greys. My face is rectangular with a triangular jaw line. I would appreciate your help.

    Hi, I recommend trying our hair consultation to find the right hair color for your complexion. The hair consultation can be found in the makeover menu at the top of the page. Kind regards, Serah Schuster - THS Hair Consultant.

    Question from: Pallavi // Added: 27th November 2009

  • I have darkish brown hair with natural light highlights and I am wanting to add more blonde highlights and auburn chunks in my hair. Will it look right and is it safe to do this at home?

    Hi, the best advice I can give when it comes to highlights is to seek the help of a professional. Adding highlights to hair takes great skill, especially when it comes to achieving a certain color. Your hairstylist should be able to advise if blonde and auburn highlights will suit your current brown hair color, and add them to your hair so that you get the best result. Kind regards, Serah Schuster - THS Hair Consultant.

    Question from: Andrea // Added: 20th November 2009

  • My hair is naturally white (at least since I hit 40). If I want to color it darker, will my roots grow in as white? I've never seen anyone with white roots.

    Hi, if your hair color is now naturally white and you dye your hair a darker color, when your hair grows, the new growth (your roots) will come through as your natural color, which will be white. Dying your hair will only change the color of the hair that you dye at the time of coloring, not any new growth. Kind regards, Serah Schuster - THS Hair Consultant.

    Question from: vavavava // Added: 28th September 2009

  • I have naturally dark brown hair (with some greys) and 3 weeks ago I had a full head of blonde foils done on my hair. I don't like it and already have regrowth and my hair is really dry. Is it okay to go over the blonde foils with a permanent brown color? Thanks.

    Hi, unfortunately when it comes to correcting blonde colors you cannot just cover the color over with another color. Pigment needs to be added back into your hair first; otherwise the end result will not be a nice color. Covering over the blonde foils with a darker color is also not going to fix the condition of your hair because even though you have covered over the foils, the damage from them is still there. I would recommend that you see your hairstylist so that they can get your hair back to the right condition and use the right color to cover your highlights. Although you might not have enjoyed this experience with foils, I suggest that you don't rule them out completely. Grey hair tends to stand out more with darker hair colors and using foils is a great way to disguise them. And if the dryness still concerns you, you can always try just a few foils through your top section rather than foiling your entire head. Kind regards, Sarah Koessler - THS Hair Consultant.

    Question from: Bunny // Added: 04th August 2009

  • My hair is a real gingery color. Do you have any suggestions for adding some spice to red hair?

    Hi, adding a slight change to ginger tones is great fun and you don't need to change the overall color to get a great result. Adding highlights and low-lights is the perfect way to add some spice and to enhance your naturally red tone. Try some very fine blonde pieces through the top or finer darker pieces throughout the hair in either brown or red tones. Kind regards, Serah Schuster - THS Hair Consultant.

    Question from: susie // Added: 04th August 2009

  • I get my hair colored and sometimes I get highlights, but it seems to get dry. I've tried using hair products for colored hair, and I even use conditioner every time I shampoo. Also, my hair is fine. So I think my hairstylist is using bleach. Is there a way to get the same color results without using bleach? Can you recommend anything please, like some special products etc? Thanks, Jose

    Hi Jose, any chemicals in the hair (bleach or color) will dry the hair out. If your stylist is using bleach, it's because she's trying to lift your present color and lighten it to a certain degree. Sometimes, depending on how much your hair needs to be lifted, it's hard to lighten it without using bleach. Using shampoos and conditioners for chemically treated hair is a great idea, and we also recommend you apply a deep treatment at least once a week. This will strengthen the hair bonds and keep the cuticles smooth, easing dryness and frizziness. Daily moisturizers and serums are other good ideas because applying them daily also helps tackle the dryness problem. And remember: try not to straighten or blow-dry the hair too often because the heat used can dry your hair out more. There are many products available for chemically treated hair. I would recommend visiting a hair salon and asking for products and treatments specifically for your hair type. That way, the stylists can assess your hair personally and make sure you get the correct products. Kind regards, Serah Schuster - THS Hair Consultant.

    Question from: Jose // Added: 30th July 2009

  • I've been dying my hair black for over two years now and I want a change, like a very vibrant red color. My hair has now faded to dark brown (almost my natural color) so I want to know if bleaching will be necessary in order to get such a dramatic color. Also, I can't really afford a salon treatment, would it be acceptable to attempt at home? Sui-Zhen

    Hi, bleaching may be necessary because your hair needs to be light enough for a vibrant red to show through. Putting a red color over the top of your faded black will not result in the desired red as it may still be too dark. I would not recommend this be done at home as it is a complicated process. I suggest that you make an appointment to see a professional hairstylist and ask them for a personal consultation, that way they can see exactly what condition your hair is in and you can show them exactly what color you desire and they'll be able to offer you advice on how to achieve it. They can also do a strand test that involves coloring a small section of hair (usually behind the ears) to test your condition and to see what coloring techniques would be the best option. Kind regards, Serah Schuster - THS Hair Consultant.

    Question from: sui-zhen // Added: 30th July 2009

  • I have naturally black hair and I used to have ash brown highlights. About a year ago I decided to dye my hair back to its original black color. But recently I thought I'd like to lighten it again. First of all I tried to lighten it to a light ash brown using a 30 volume developer. The problem was my roots only lightened to a reddish brown and the rest of my hair remained dark. After that I tried lightening it with a stronger developer (a 40 volume developer), but it still didn't work. Why? I don't understand what I need to do to lighten my hair to a light brown or chestnut brown. Can you please let me know some tips?

    Hi, there's a simple reason you're having some trouble lightening your black hair. A rule of thumb to remember is this: artificial color cannot lighten another artificial color. In other words, if you already have artificial color in your hair, trying to lighten it with another artificial color will be useless. In your case, you dyed your hair back to black using an artificial color. That means that by the time you decided to lighten it again, you only had a couple of inches of untreated hair at your roots (virgin color). Artificial color will only work on untreated hair, and that's the reason your roots were the only areas of you hair that lightened to a reddish brown. So no matter what strength developer you use (30 or 40 volume) it will only work on those areas of your hair that haven't been colored (your roots). I strongly suggest you make an appointment with a hairstylist for a personal consultation. That way they will be able to closely assess your hair color and advise you about the best way to lighten your hair in its current state. Kind regards, Serah Schuster - THS Hair Consultant.

    Question from: gabriella // Added: 30th July 2009

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