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Creating Curls with a Curling Wand

Curling wands are ideal for creating lovely loose waves and beautiful tight curls. To enjoy a fabulous curling wand hairstyle, follow these steps. Curling Wand Styling Steps To get the best results, start with http:... Read More »


Curling Wand Tips

A curling wand is similar to a curling iron, but makes it much easier to create loose, relaxed curls and waves in your hair, no matter the length. To find out the best way to make use of this fantastic heated sty... Read More »


Beautiful Bun Hairstyle Tips

While it might seem simple enough, you are after all only pulling your locks on top of your head; a bun does require a few tips and tricks in order for you to create a successful look. Keep reading to find out what they are… Bun Hairstyle Tips ... Read More »


Mastering the Art of Curls!

Whether it’s to spruce up a natural curl or to take your naturally straight hair in a whole new direction, adding curls to your hair is a makeover trick that can yield some fabulous results. Adding curls usi... Read More »


How to Get the Best Result When You Blow-dry

The perfect blow-dry involves sleek, frizz-free stands, locks with just the right balance of volume and bounce and... Read More »


Hairstyle Tips: Secrets to a Great Blow-wave

The secret to a great blow-wave is practice and knowing what tips and tricks will give you the right result. To find out exactly what those tips are, continue reading… Hair Prep Model with long straig... Read More »


How to Stop Your Hairstyle from Aging You

While there are lots of things you can’t control about getting older, there are some things that you can control and those include your hairstyle. The wrong cut or color can add years to your look, just as the right hairdo... Read More »


Day to Date Makeover Ideas

If you've got an event filled day with a date in the evening to follow, use these easy hair and makeup tips to take your look from day to date! Sassy Short Hair Short hair is the perfect length for a quick and Read More »


Can You Pull Off Blunt Bangs?

How to style: blunt cut ban... Read More »


Hair Tips: Making Your Hairstyle Last

Good, solid hairstyling and hair prep will not only give you a great hairstyle result, it will also give you a hairstyle that stays in place when you need it to. To ensure your hairdo will last, give these hair tips a try. Start with the Right Hair Condition http://www.theh... Read More »


Mature Hairstyle Myths

While you’ve hopefully learned from past hairstyle mistakes and won’t be sporting the stripy, zebra-like highlights from your 20’s again now that your older and wiser, it doesn’t mean you have to be ultra conservat... Read More »


New Year Hair Resolutions

If you let great hair fall by the wayside last year, then kick off the New Year with some hair resolutions that will ensure your locks look healthy and your hairstyles will be varied, fun and easy-to-style! Hair Resolutions Commit to a Hair Care Routine ... Read More »


Short Haircut Advice: What to Think About Before Getting the Chop

Whether it’s for ease of styling or because you want to update your look, going short is not a haircut... Read More »


The Perfect Pixie Haircut for Your Face Shape

One of the most popular short hairstyles is of course the pixie haircut. Why? Because it’s cute, feminine and flattering. The pixie cut can work for almost anyone as long as your f... Read More »


Top Knot Hairstyle Ideas

Buns can be worn loose and low, or piled high on the top of the head-also known as a top knot. But don't be fooled-there is more than one way to create a top knot in your hair. Not every hairstyle has to be elaborate or hard to create. After all, some of t... Read More »

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