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Hairstyle Ideas for African-American Hair

It's that time of year again! All of the new styles that are going to be hot in 2014 are here and can already be seen on celebrities flaunting their 'dos on the red carpet. While 2014 may be a year where anything goes when it comes to African-American hair, there are some new trends out there that may catch your eye. Check out these http://www.thehairs... Read More »


Long Hairstyles for Women Over Forty

Word has it that forty is the new thirty, so it's no wonder that longer hair is becoming the norm for women forty and up. And why not? As long as it is kept in good condition and properly styled, long hair works on women of any age... Read More »


The Best Hairstyles of Leading Ladies Over 40

While the young up-and-coming starlets in Hollywood usually get most of the media attention, the leading ladies of the past can definitely hold their own when it comes to hair and beauty! Lately on the red carpet, it's the celebrity women over 40 who are really causing a stir with their eternal beauty and elegance. Women young and old can learn from their simple yet elegant looks that are ne... Read More »


The Top 5 Hairstyles- February 2014 Viewer Trend Report

Fans of know that we have thousands of hairstyles on our website, with more added on a regular basis. While we bring you the latest 'dos straight from the red carpet and the world of high fashion hairstyling, ultimately it's you the viewer who chooses what the most happening hairstyles are at any given time. This trend report is created by the hairstyles that you cl... Read More »


Hairstyles for Chubby Faces

When we try to find the perfect hairstyle, we use a certain set of criteria. Usually, that criteria involves face shape, eye color, age and hair texture (straight vs. curly/wavy). But what we don't usually take into account is body type and weight. But does your hair really affect wh... Read More »


Astro Hairstyles: Happy Birthday Pisces!

If you were born between February 19th and March 20th, then you are a dreamy, mystical Pisces. Known as the daydreamer of the zodiac, Pisces women are imaginative, gentle and nurturing souls who have deep, hidden emotions. They are often artistic people and can easily get lost in music, film, dance or art. Pisceans are curious about the mysteries in life and will be prone to believing in fae... Read More »


Astro Hairstyles - Happy Birthday Aquarius!

If you were born between January 20- February 18, you are born under the freedom-loving, independent and futuristic sign of Aquarius. Aquarius women are known for their open and intelligent personalities and are always surrounded by a large group of friends. Aquarian women live to connect with people and are rarely the wallflower or loner type. Appearance-wise, Aquarian women... Read More »


Valentine's Day Hairstyle and Makeup Ideas

This Valentine's Day, whether you're single or attached, embrace your inner Venus and pamper yourself with a special day of beauty. Try to book a massage or treat yourself to a shopping trip in the daytime, then hang out with your loved ones in the evening. And of course, because it's the day of beauty, whatever you do, you gotta do it looking smoking hot! We can help you out with th... Read More »


Easy Evening Half-Up Hairstyles for Long Hair

Having long hair is great for versatility, but anyone with this length knows that at times, it can be a pain to style—especially when it comes to the evening. If you need some ideas for half-up, half-down hairstyles, then look no further. We've put together some of the ... Read More »


Androgynous Hairstyles

If you've read our other 2014 hairstyle trend articles, you'll see that most of the looks are ultra girlie. This is great for women who like to wear long to medium hair in a classic, feminine fashion, but what about women who want to st... Read More »


Astro Hairstyles - Happy Birthday Capricorn!

Welcome to a new feature for The Hairstyler in 2014— Astro Hairstyles by star sign! Each month, we will post a little treat for all the ladies celebrating a birthday and who need some specific hair advice tailored to their star sign. Our first feature of 2014 is dedicated to all of the earthy and elegant Capricorn women out there- Happy Birthday! Keep reading below to find out what hairstyle... Read More »


Fabulous Fringes

It’s a new year, which means it’s time to freshen up your hairstyle - including those bangs! For many women, having bangs is a necessity because of their face shape. For example, those with high foreheads, round faces or faces that otherwise need definition will benefit greatly from a fringe. However, once you have found the perfect fringe to balance your features out, you make f... Read More »


Chunky, Jagged Layers

We’re continuing with our hair trend series so you have access to the must-have hairstyles of 2014. It’s safe to say that anything goes these days, but there are certain haircutting and colour techniques that will give you that extra edge and show that you are ahead of the fashion game. Some trends for 2014 are very bold and would require you to make a drastic cha... Read More »


AnnaLynne McCord’s Easy Evening Hairstyle and Makeup

AnnaLynne McCord is praying for something in this photo, but it sure isn’t great hair or makeup—she’s already got that going on! AnnaLynne has gone through quite the style transformation over the years, moving from crazy, curly blonde hair to more demure and sophisticated dark brown, sleek tresses. While she has the beauty and style to pull off any look, her current makeup ... Read More »


Demi Lovato’s Jewel Tone Hairstyle and Makeup To Match

If there’s anytime to break out the deep, dark and delicious hair colors, it’s winter! Demi Lovato must be feeling the opulence of the festive season as her new colour is perfect for Christmas and New Year’s party-hopping. Not many can pull off bright blue hair, but Demi’s deep teal blue will actually suit a variety of complexions and eye colors. If you love Demi&rsqu... Read More »

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