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Pixie Hair Cut Special

Short hairstyles have always been in fashion, and it's little wonder because short hairstyles can look just as sexy and sassy as long hairstyles. If you like short hairstyles, and you're feeling a little daring, why not try a super short pixie cut? A pixie cut is like a crop haircut, but a little wispier (you can read more in our article "Pixie Hair and Crop Haircuts"), so a super short pixie cut is very short and wispy. Check out the examples below. Read More »


Short Hair Special: Who Says Short Hair isn't Versatile?

There are a lot of misconceptions about short hair, and one of them is that it's not very versatile. I'm going to show why the idea that "short hair isn't versatile" is nonsense- in other words why that idea's as silly as the opinion that "short hair isn't sexy" (which I discussed a few months back). So if you've got short hair, or you're thinking of getting short hair, let me explain a few different ways you can style it. Read More »


Straight Hair vs Curly Hair

Are you coming into a new year, but don't know what to do with your hair? Well, is here to help. Read More »


Hairstyle Mania

So, you have decided to take the plunge and try a new hairstyle and have considered all the factors. You don't want it too short, you would still like to pin it up, maybe with some bangs, wear it curly or straight. Read More »


Keeping That Salon Hairstyle Perfect From Home

A lot of the time when we go to our hairdresser and have our hair colored, cut and styled, we come out looking like a super star, but how long does it last? Read More »


Haircuts vs. Hairstyles: Easy Makeover Ideas for your Hair

Haircuts and hairstyles are different things- and a lot of people don't realize. It's worth understanding this difference too because if you feel like a makeover a new hairstyle is easier- and the effect is far less drastic- than a new haircut. Read our hair ideas for some easy makeover tips! Read More »


How to Wear Your Hair When You're Growing it Out

So you decided to chop off all of your hair with great success and now you want to grow it all back but have no idea where to start. Growing your hair out can be a hard thing to do and you can become very irritated with the way you look, especially during the dreaded middle stages. Read More »


Emo Hair Styles

Emo hair styles are associated with punk and emo music. Right now emo fashion is pretty popular, and in some forms quite mainstream. Sue Leeson looks at some of the more typical examples of emo hair styles- examples that you might like to try a version of yourself. Read More »


Hair Extensions

Once a celebrity secret, hair extensions have become a fashion accessory available to everyone, and are capable of adding thickness, length and color, all within a matter of hours. Read More »


Award Winning Hairstyles

Sometimes you need a fancy hairstyle for a special occasion, so it's good to have some ideas up your sleeve. For a little inspiration I thought I'd show you some examples of what I think make great (and not-so-great) hairstyles for special occasions. Read More »

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