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Matching Your Hairstyle to Your Glasses

Pulling off a fabulous style doesn't just start and end with your hair. There are lots of other factors to consider, such as your clothes, accessories, make-up and, believe it or not, your glasses. Read More »


6 Hairstyling Mistakes That Are Ruining Your Hairstyle

OK, you've finally done it. You've been to the hairdresser and got the best cut and hairstyle that your hair has ever had. It's shiny, it's manageable, and it's getting you lots of comments. Read More »


Cute Hairstyles: Pictures of Cute Hair for all Ages

The other day my sister accused me of being too old for such a "cute hairstyle." I couldn't believe it, and I'm still annoyed with her about it. Aside from the fact that I truly believe there's no such thing as "age inappropriate hair," cute hairstyles are fun and flirty for tweens and teens and right up to the middle aged- don't you think? Read More »


Hairstyle Makeover Magic: 7 Steps to a New Hair You!

Is your hair stuck in a rut? The color got you down, or the hairstyle looks more drab then fab? Read More »


A Step-By-Step Guide to Blow-Drying Like a Professional

When it comes to blow-drying, no one does it like a professional hairdresser. But if you've always wanted to know how you can achieve the same quality at home, then THS is here to help. Read More »


Prom Hairstyles: Hair and Dress Tips Part One, Mood

As part of's prom hair survival guide, we explain how to make sure your prom hair complements your dress' mood. Read More »


Evening Hair Tips for Parties and Outdoor Occasions

With the party season in full swing, has all the tips you'll need to ensure that you and your hair are the center of attention. Read More »


Hairstyles for Women: Your First Date has all kinds of hairstyles for all kinds of people, and as part of our new series on different hairstyles for women we've got a selection of great office hairstyles for women, as well as hairstyles for women going on a first date with that special new guy. Read More »


Going Short

Giving your style a big change is a great way to liven up your locks and snap yourself out a hair rut, and as far as big style changes go, going short is one of the most dramatic. Read More »


Worst Hair 2008

Worst hair 2008: who's the winner? A couple of weeks ago we published the Worst Hair 2008 nominees, and since then there's been an avalanche of comments and emails, and we thank everyone for their great constructive input. Now it's time to announce the winner. Read More »

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