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Hair Makeover: Hairstyle Consultation for Members- David

We know that finding the right hairstyle can be a daunting task so has helped a selection of our members with some professional advice and suitable hairstyle suggestions. Read More »


Hair Makeover: Hairstyle Consultation for Members

We know that finding the right hairstyle can be a daunting task so has helped a selection of our members with some professional advice and suitable hairstyle suggestions. Read More »


Classic Hairstyles Famous for Changing the World

"Classic Hairstyles Famous for Changing the World" is a series about great hairstyles that have had a massive impact on fashion. Last month Katie Holmes opened our eyes to the huge impact of the bob hairstyle. This month Miley Cyrus takes us back to the 70s, reminding us of the staying power of another classic style: long layered hair Read More »


Hair Care Basics

Caring for your hair doesn't have to break the bank and achieving fabulous, healthy, shiny hair and great hairstyles doesn't have to take up all of your time. The right kind of hair preparation is all you need to ensure that your hair looks great and is easy to style. Read More »


New Hair Guide: Layered Hair, Razor Cuts and One Length Cuts

If you're thinking of getting a new haircut and you wouldn't have a clue where to start, then here are some tips about 3 basic haircutting techniques that might give you some ideas Read More »


Layered Hairstyles: A Fashionable Choice for Celebrities

If you're interested in layered hairstyles and you've considered whether or not they'll suit your hair texture and elasticity, as well as your lifestyle (see our article "Layered Hairstyles Might Not be for You"), then a great way to find inspiration is to check out some of the hottest celebrities with layered hairstyles. Read More »


Pixie Hair and Crop Haircuts: Short Hairstyles for Dogs?

Pixie hair cuts and crops are the same thing, really. And you know what? The confusion between the two really makes clear the number 1 most important thing you need to do when visiting your hair salon for a new hairstyle: bring pictures! Avoid confusion when you're explaining what you want by bringing pictures. So, if you're going to chop off your hair off and get a pixie cut or a crop, check out some of our hairstyles pictures and try on a couple. Read More »


How to Avoid a Bad Haircut

There is nothing worse than going to a salon, sitting in a chair for hours, paying more money than you earn in a week and ending up with a bad haircut. Unfortunately a haircut that leaves you cringing everytime you look in the mirror can happen - and has happened - to most of us at some point. The good news is that there is a way to avoid such a mistake and it doesn't take very much effort. Read More »


Razor Haircuts: Do's and Don'ts

Razor cutting is a popular and effective method of cutting the hair. Read our advice and see if razor cutting is the method for you. Read More »


Same Haircut Different Styles

Ever wondered what your new 'do would look like styled in different ways? In this day and age, and with so many new products and styling tools available on the market, you're not limited to one way of styling a new haircut. There are several ways you can style your hair at home, or in the comfort of a professional stylist, and has made it that little bit easier for you by showing you how simple it is to see yourself with the same haircut, but in all different ways. Read More »

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