"Please darling, it might be fashionable and I'm sure you'll look great... but I'll be honest, it's not exactly... errr... my favorite kind of style (?!)." In other words, it's just not sexy enough. That's what 90% of guys would be thinking if their fiancées said they were "cutting it all off" and getting a bridal hairstyle something like Rihanna's short hair.

Rihanna hairstyles


Forget it. This article is unashamedly about the kinds of hairstyles guys like- or more specifically, two kinds of bridal hairstyles they love: the long tousled look (or what's also simply called long wavy hairstyles), and textured half up half down hairstyles. Why not listen to what he likes? I mean, you're marrying a guy, aren't you?

Hairstyles Guys Like


It all boils down to this: the majority of guys like long hair cuts best. They like it long and textured and tousled and kind of messy (yet styled that way- not just unkempt and, heaven forbid, dirty). Guys like hair that's groomed, but not over the top and "high maintenance." A common description you might hear is "styled but not too managed."

So I'm sorry Katie Holmes, Elisha Cuthbert, Rihanna and Pink: most guys don't dig your hairstyles. There's no doubt Katie wears the bob better than anyone. And, Pink's razored crop is definitely a "cool" hairstyle and a great choice for her round face shape. These are all technically good hairstyles, but you won't find them on most guys' wish lists.

Katie Holmes hairstyles

Katie Holmes

Elisha Cuthbert hairstyles

Elisha Cuthbert

Pink hairstyles


What you will find are tousled styles worn by Jessica Alba, Vanessa Hudgens and Heidi Klum. They have plenty of layers snipped through to achieve delicious movement.

Jessica Alba hairstyles

Jessica Alba

Vanessa Hudgens hairstyles

Vanessa Hudgens

Heidi Klum hairstyles

Heidi Klum

Wedding Hairstyles Guys Like

Based on the kinds of hairstyles guys like generally, on your wedding day I'd recommend the all out tousled look, or a textured half up half down hairstyle with face-framing sections. I guarantee that's what guys would love to see.

Emmanuelle Chriqui hairstyles

Emmanuelle Chriqui

If you're keen on long tousled locks, check out some styles by Emmanuelle Chriqui. With thick shoulder length hair, style your tresses for fullness. If you'd like some added volume, I'd also suggest a hair piece. Another accessory worth considering is a tiara, which is great for separating the hair and creating distinct volume sections that frame the face.

Reese Witherspoon hairstyles

Reese Witherspoon

If you'd prefer a half up half down hairstyle, then have a look at some of Reese Witherspoon's previous styles. Guys think their brides would look hot in these half up hairstyles. If you want to add body and shape around the face, pin the top softly to the back and leave the sides out. Or, check out Carrie Underwood's bang hairstyles. These are great examples of half up half down hairstyles that incorporate a fringe to achieve lovely shape around the face.

Now of course you don't always do what he wants, so I'm not suggesting you simply get a style for your wedding day that "guys like" and you don't think any more about it. What I am suggesting is that it's worth considering what the opposite sex likes because it will give you a little more input and a few more options for when you're planning your big day.

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