Love the look of a naturally curly hairdo? So do we! Find out how easy it is to get a bed head style with natural or created curls!

Natural curls, bed head curls, boho hair, no matter what you call it, soft and feminine curls will always be a hairstyling trend that gets bigger and better every year, and it's not hard to see why!

The look is flattering, soft, works in any hair length, and if your hair is naturally curly, all you need to do is scrunch and go!

If you love this look but haven't given it a try, these simple steps will get you started, and our range of curly hairstyles should also provide you with some great curly hair inspiration.

Natural Curls 

Shakira hairstylesJessica Biel hairstyles

If you're lucky enough to have natural curls then you'll find achieving this look super easy.

For a basic hairstyle that takes less than 10 minutes and looks similar to the above look from Jessica Biel:

  1. Add some texture spray to dry hair.
  2. Scrunch.
  3. Style your curls into place.
  4. Go!

If you're starting with freshly washed hair, have a little bit more styling time up your sleeve, or want more defined curls like Shakira, try these easy steps:

  1. Gently towel dry your hair.
  2. Work in some hair serum.
  3. Twist your curls into shape.
  4. Secure your hair in a loose bun and let your hair air-dry or use a diffuser attachment with your blow-dryer to speed up the process.
  5. Unravel your bun, style your curls into place and go!

Created Curls 

Jennifer Aniston hairstylesAlyson Michalka hairstyles

If you don't have natural curls to work with then you can still get bed head curls with a little hair shaping tool help. Because the appeal of bed head curls is the natural, free flowing look, you don't have to spend hours getting perfect curls.

  1. Heat up large hot rollers.
  2. Apply a heat protection product to your locks.
  3. Apply the rollers to your ends if you want a loose, natural look like Jennifer Aniston, or from root to tip for a look similar to Alyson Michalka.
  4. Let the rollers cool, take them out and then separate the curls with your fingers.
  5. Style into shape/place and go!

You can also create bed head curls with a large barreled curling iron by:

  1. Spraying your hair with a heat protection product.
  2. Adding loose curls throughout your hair.
  3. Securing your locks in a loose bun to cool.
  4. Undoing the bun to reveal natural looking curls.

Bed Head Curl Tips: 

Rihanna hairstylesKatie Cassidy hairstyles

  • Any length can pull off this look, just check out how cool Rihanna looks with her short bed head curls.
  • Don’t keep touching your curls once you've finished styling or you'll risk ruining the look.
  • Use serums to keep frizz at bay.
  • Remember that you don't have to wear your hair out. Pulling your textured locks into a half up half down style, à la Katie Cassidy, or a loose ponytail or bun looks just as good.
  • If you’re worried that your look is turning out too curly, or you have bangs the just look ridiculous or are un-cooperative with a curly texture, try straightening your bangs and a few select strands around your face for a softer finish.

By using these steps and the tips provided, pulling off bed head curls should be a cinch, and may even become your favorite new way to style your hair!

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