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Same Haircut Different Color for Wavy Long Hair

At, we hope to make your choice a little bit easier by showing you how simple it is to see what the same haircut would look like in all different colors. This month we have chosen to look at a fine to medium texture, long length wavy style to give you a better understanding about what kind of impact color choice makes to your cut. This style is great for a n... Read More »


Same Haircut Different Color for Long Thick Curly Hair

At, we hope to make your choice a little bit easier by showing you how simple it is to see what the same haircut would look like in all different colors. This month we have chosen to look at a medium to thick texture, long length curly style to give you a better understanding about what kind of impact color choice makes and how it can enhance your c... Read More »


Blonde Hair Coloring Tips: Going Going... Blonde

My advice? Think about these “Blonde Hair Essential Questions” first, prepare yourself by understanding the “Color Transforming Techniques” and study our important “Blonde Hair Coloring Tips” at the end. hairstyle_image_ite... Read More »


Hair Color: Two Rules for Success

Just a simple change in shade, tone and color can give you an instant makeover, and with the quality and range of dye's available today, can look completely natural or as out there as you like. When deciding to go for the big change it is important to remember there are two simple rules when it comes to... Read More »


Hair Coloring Tips: Long Live Good Hair Color!

When it comes to coloring your hair you can either do it yourself at home, or for a fuss-free professional result, visit a salon. If you decide to go for a salon color there are a few questions that you need to ask before booking the appointment, such as: How long will it take? How much will it cost? How do I look after the color? ... Read More »


6 Simple Ways to Update Your Shade

There are plenty of options for everyone when it comes to having some hair color fun and updating your look (perhaps you're one of those people who like to change their shade every couple of months, or someone who has found the perfect hair color and is happy to stick with it). Check out my 6 simple hair coloring tips and see what you think! 1. Be Seasonal... Read More »


Best Hair Color: Natural or Grey?

Five Reasons You Should Keep Your Hair Naturally Grey: Leaving your hair grey is liberating, it's a sign you're comfort... Read More »


Tips for Chemically Processed Hair

Permanently Colored Hair If you hair is permanently colored hair, you should consider why you are coloring your hair. Is it for coverage purposes? Is it to lighten it? If you want to brighten your hair, you need not use permanent color (unless your hair is almost black). A demi/semi color will brighten your hair more than anything else while maintaining good condition. Be sure when... Read More »


Choosing Your Skin Tone and Enhancing Your Hair Color

Skin Tone Categories While there are a variety of complexions, all complexions fall into two different skin tone categories - warm or cool. Warm Skin Tone Read More »


Same Haircut Different Color for Medium Length Straight Hair

At we take the difficulty and drama out of choosing hair colors. How? We make it easy by showing what the same haircut would look like in a range of different colors. This month we've chosen to look at hair that's medium to fine in texture, medium length, and straight. We're sure you'll get a better understanding of exactly the impact a color choice can make on your haircut... Read More »


Hair Color to Have the Time of Your Life By

I remember sitting down in front of the old black and white TV as a kid, and getting excited (because I didn't know any better) watching Looney Tunes. Then one day my grandmother purchased a color TV. I remember the first time she switched it on: WOW! The difference it made was amazing. It was at that exact moment, I think, I decided to make sure my world and everything in it would always be... Read More »


Dark Hair: Six Reasons it'll Knock Their Socks Off

Dark hair's striking. It can look so seductive, glossy and healthy. It can add an unmistakable mysterious quality to a person's image- a sophistication reminiscent of glamorous parties and stepping into moody restaurants from chauffeur driven black cars. Dark hair's also got an edginess that adds to its wearer's appeal a brooding and passionate effect. Whether it's a catwalk model o... Read More »


Hair Color Essentials, Part One

It probably didn't help that I was feeling sick, miserable, and sorry for myself (I was in the doctor's surgery after all). But that's not entirely fair; I've been a hairstylist for over 25 years and I just love hair and everything to do w... Read More »


Hair Color That's Best for You: Semi-Permanent, Bleach or Tint?

With so many types of hair color on the market these days it's very difficult to know what you truly need and what's best for your hair. Add to that the increasing number of brands with new and exciting names and flashy strategies all trying to grab a piece of the mul... Read More »


Hair Color Glossary

Bleach Bleach is a chemical agent used to lighten or disperse pigment from the hair shaft in a permanent manner. Bleaching is useful when you want to go from a darker color to a much lighter one, but beware because bleaching is quite harsh on the hair and over-processing must be avoided. Bleach Activator Bleach activator is generally hydrogen peroxide and it's nee... Read More »

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