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Caring for Blonde Hair at the Salon and at Home

While some might say that blondes have more fun, caring for blonde hair can zap some of that fun away, especially if you're not naturally blonde and are relying on hair color to keep your locks lusciously light. Fading, regrowth and brassiness are all common problems that can plague bottle blondes but can be counteracted with the right kind of salon and home care. Read More »


How to Get Sexy Healthy Summer Hair in Six Easy Steps

It's summer time, and if you can't control your fly-away bits, you want to protect your hair from the sun's harsh UV rays, or you're after beautiful shiny locks, then THS has the tips for you. Read More »


Daily Hair Care Routine in Six Easy Steps

Trying to look after your hair and get all that everyday stuff done you need to do, as well as look after your friends and family, can be a difficult balancing act. We all want to have great hair; but unfortunately, shiny, healthy hair doesn't just happen without a little bit of effort. Read More »


Regrowth & Frizzy Hair: Hair Problems Solved!

Regrowth, frizzy hair and oily hair are all hair problems that (even with a dedicated hair care routine) can become an everyday frustration. But fear not! Whether you've woken up looking like you've dipped your head in a vat of oil or your cowlick just won't stay put, has the solutions for you. Read More »


Hair's Dirty (Half) Dozen

There's a dozen nightmare things not to do with your hair- the things that you know are bad for your hairstyle but you do them anyway. Read More »


Hair Care Products: Your Vacation Essentials

There are some hair care products you've just got to have with you when you go away on vacation. Read our advice and find out what you need to make sure you're vacation is a blast. Read More »


Hair Care Tips for Taming Toxic Hair

Modern day living can put a lot of stress on our hair. Over working, over eating and not having enough spare time to indulge in a little beauty therapy can result in very lackluster hair.So, what's the solution? It's simple: a basic beauty routine that doesn't break the bank or take up very much time. Read more below... Read More »


Hair Product Review: GHD Straightening Irons

This month's product review is for the extremely popular line of straightening irons from GHD. Read More »


Hair Care Advice for Pregnancy

It's not only your body that will change during pregnancy, your hair will also go through a variety of changes. While some women will find their hair has never looked shiner or felt stronger, most will experience hair loss, thinning and dried out tresses. The great news about these changes though is that it is only temporary. Read More »


Hair Product Review: KMS California

For this month's THS product review, I was given the opportunity to road test a selection of KMS California's styling products and was excited to be able to have a play with some of my old favorites and some of their new products. Read More »

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