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Hair That's Shiny and Healthy is Easy!

For hair that turns heads, you can't go past a glistening mane. While people with dark hair have a natural shining advantage over the rest of us, it is possible for any hair color and type to have hair that catches all the light in the room. Read More »


Minor Hairstyle Emergencies: Simple Solutions

With the party season in full swing, has all the tips you'll need to ensure that you and your hair are the center of attention. Read More »


Hair Product Review: Mark Hill

We all want our hair to look the best at all times. When we look around we see others with gorgeous hair and we dream that we can have the same. What we don't always realise is that all great hairstyles take time and that there aren't many people in the world that just wake up with that perfect look. Read More »


Hair Product Review: Sedu

This month at we were lucky enough to get the chance to review the Sedu Revolution Styling Iron and Sedu's range of Heat Protection Sprays. Read More »


Hair Product Advice

How much hair product is too much? Read More »


Hair Brush Advice Made Easy

Get the low-down from a professional hairstylist about brushing your hair. Read More »


How to Choose the Right Salon

When trying to find the right salon, there are two important things to look out for: cleanliness and a warm welcome with great customer service. Read More »


Is a Bad Hairstyling Experience Putting You off a Change?

Having a change in hairstyle should be a rewarding, satisfying, feel-good experience that leaves you with a great hairdo and boosts your spirits and self-esteem. Sometimes, however, a trip to the salon can give you such a bad experience and outcome that you may not ever want to cut your hair again. If this has happened to you, the has some handy advice to get you back on the road to recovery and back into the salon chair. Read More »


Hair Consultations

Having a hair consultation is a very important part of any hair care routine, especially when it comes to deciding on a new hairstyle or color change, and should be done before you begin any type of hair service. Read More »


Can't Afford The Salon? Try These Handy Hints

It's important that you visit your salon regularly and it's possible on even the tightest of budgets. Read more to find out how... Read More »


Receding Hairlines and Other Hair Growth Problems

Receding or balding hairlines, cowlicks, unusual hairline growth patterns and a double crown can be the source of real frustration when it comes to finding a hairstyle and styling your hair. To give you a better understanding on these types of hair problems, has put together a simple guide for the most common hairline/growth problems. Read More »


Making the Time for Your Salon Visit

A visit to the salon not only changes your hairdo, it also has the power to change your mood, uplift your spirits and leave you feeling relaxed. Sometimes, however, finding the time to take this break from reality can fall to the back burner and we start to use these familiar excuses. Read More »


Common Hair Conditions and What You Can Do About Them

At some point in our life we've all had a hair condition that played havoc with our locks, so THS has put together a guide for the most common hair conditions and what you can do about them. Read More »


Hair Products Review: Stay Cool This Season

Check out some essential hair care products from Bumble and bumble and American Crew. Read More »


Hair Brushes: Types and Tips

Hair brushes are a must have tool when it comes to looking after and styling your locks, and these facts and tips about the different types of hair brushes will help you make the most of these essential tools. Read More »

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