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Hairspray Tips

While hairspray might have gotten a bad reputation with past hair clogging formulas, the products available today are much more lightweight and hair-friendly. So, if it’s been a while since you’ve used hairspray, or if you’re looking for a great tough-hold Read More »


Hairstyle Help: How to Fight Styling Product Build Up

The key to creating great hairstyles is using hair s... Read More »


Hair Care Tips for Limiting Hair Damage

If you style or color your hair, or even just brush it or tie it back a lot, then chances a... Read More »


Hair Brush and Hair Brushing: Tips and Advice

Hair brushing and using a hair brush is something most of us do everyday, and most probably something we only really think about when we're actually brushing our hair! Hair brushing is a very important part of any Daily hair care routine in six eas... Read More »


Hair Care Tips for Oily Hair

Oily or greasy hair is unfortunately something that most of us have experienced, either occasionally or everyday, and can be caused by hair product overload or the simple fact that your Choosing the right hairstyle for your hair... Read More »


Hair Care Tips for Dry Hair

Dry hair is usually caused by day-to-day wear and tear, regular heat styling, and hair chemical processes such as hair coloring, Read More »


Long Hair Tips

Anyone with long hair knows how versatile it can be, and how practically any hairstyle, whether it's a ponytail, funky braids, a Read More »


Hair Improvement Tips

Whether you’re stuck in a styling rut, recovering from a hair disaster or looking to overhaul your look, making a change - even just a simple one - to your hair can work wonders and improve y... Read More »


How to Get Low Maintenance Hair

While we’d all love to just wash and brush our hair and go - or better yet - wake up with perfect hair, the reality is that some effort has to go into your locks if you want them to look good. Formal bob hairstyle... Read More »


How to Maintain Your Hair When You Can't Get to the Salon

As much as we all love to visit the salon for a professional haircut and the kind of hair color that at home jobs just can’t match, sometimes getting to the salon as often as needed can slip down the priority list. If you can’t get to the salon as regularly as the recommende... Read More »


Hair Tips for a Younger Look

While having a daily beauty routine and spending your time and money caring for your skin can help to project a more youthful appearance, some simple changes to your hair can also provide a younge... Read More »


Hair Care Dos and Don'ts: Styling Your Hair

The pulling, teasing and snagging that can happen when styling can cause daily dama... Read More »


Hair Care Dos and Don'ts: Washing Your Hair

Hair washing is something that most of us do every week (or every day!) and can be quite damaging to your strands if the wrong hair products are used and you handle your hair roughly. This... Read More »


Hair Stylist Tips: Blow-Drying

If you’ve ever wondered how your hair stylist can get your hair looking shiny, sleek and without a fly-away in sight when they blow-dry your hair at the salon, and you at home can’t get... Read More »


Salon Hair Commandments

Hairstyles that you like come and go, as do hairstyle trends and fashions. But underlying all hairstyles are the following commandments. Make sure you adhere to these and you can have healthy, shiny salon hair everyday- just like the models in our hairstyle pictures... Read More »

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