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Miley Cyrus: Bad Attitude or Bad Hair?

Aside from her latest media appearances, I can think of two things about Miley that get the most hype: the (underage) sexualized images of her all over ... Read More »


Hair ain't an Issue for These "Sexy" (Old) Men

Most of the guys on the list are over 30, and even 40, and there's nothing particularly stylish about them. How many women do you see at that age rated as "sexy"? Hardly any. Or even appearing in movies? Basically none. Read More »


Victoria Beckham's Concave Bob

When the Beckham's announced they would be moving to Hollywood there was a lot of speculation on how they would fit in or if they would hold up their celebrity status. On Sunday the 3rd of June 2007, Victoria Beckham arrived at the MTV Movie Awards with a new hairdo. This new 'do became the biggest thing since 'The Rachael', worn by Jennifer Aniston in the '90s. The concave b... Read More »


Sex and the City: Your Hair ain't Pretty (Part One)

I was so excited. I couldn't wait to see their glamorous outfits and I expected the world from their hairdos. And out they came: draped in designer gowns matched with designer shoes, but disappointing with hot roller hair. I'm sorry; I was expecting a bit more than this. Ok, long sexy loose waves may be the new craze in the Big Apple but did they all need to have them? There's... Read More »


Amy Winehouse: Another Tormented Talent

Deep in the gut of Amy Winehouse, we think, is a brilliant musician and pints of talent. Lately, however, Amy's had some very saddening problems (all of which have been splashed over the media). She's got a history of substance abuse, she's bounced in and out of rehab, and she's admitting having problems with self-harm, depression and eating disorders. But, great things are happening to Amy ... Read More »


Carrie Underwood's Bang Hairstyles

We Love Carrie Read More »


Tyra Banks' Hair Styles Make the Woman

I talked to 6 of her different hairstyles and found out what makes Tyra tick. Sports Illustrated Hairstyle Tyra's hairstyles told me the following... My epitaph would say this:... Read More »


Celebrity Hairstyle Pictures: The Paparazzi's Bloodsport

I've spent a lot of money, and I'm sure you have too, going to the movies, buying magazines, CDs, DVDs, fragrances, books and stuff like that, so I don't hesitate when getting my pound of flesh from a celebrity. And it's not just that I'v... Read More »


Miley Cyrus vs. Selena Gomez in Survivor: Teen Celebrity

Miley Cyrus and Selena Gomez are teen sensations on top of the world and at each other's throats. Who wouldn't feel a bit of healthy competition? I mean they're both Disney starlets competing for the spotlight, with blossoming singing careers and "dating" the same guys (Selena has allegedly had a fl... Read More »


High School Musical 3 Hairstyles

So I thought I'd do something a bit different in my coverage of High School Musical 3. We love the stars from the movie, and we think their hair is great, so we're going to explain the "ins and the outs" of their hairdos so you can get one yourself. But also, we're going to give them a reality makeover. Look, there's nothing wrong with the squeaky-clean Di... Read More »


The Emmys: A Great Place to Find a Date

The Emmys are for losers and they're boring. There's the opinion out there that the Emmys are the poor man's Oscars- in other words, that all the TV stars that go to the Emmys and compete for the awards are wannabe film stars. But that's missing the point. The lacklustre rap and competition actually makes the Emmys the most exciting awards ceremony. Emmy nominees have got something ... Read More »


Beverly Hills 90210 and Celebrity Hairstyles Over the Hill

What makes stars, or anyone for that matter, "age better"? Is it less wrinkles, "cooler" fashion sense, more stylish hair? Read More »


Halle Berry and the James Bond Girls: A Hairstyle Debate

Bond Girls and Hair Roger: So what are we discussing exactly? Sue: We're not discussing how sexy Bond girls are. Roger: I know, I know, we're... Sue: We're discussing what makes a Bond girl tick- in other words, what's their image and how do things like fashi... Read More »


Gwyneth Paltrow's Bob Haircut's Great

Gwynnie's blog's called Goop and it's basically about her sharing her life experiences with us so that we can live the best lives possible. She writes: "My life is good because I am not passive about it [..... Read More »


How to Get a "Cool" Hairstyle like Victoria Beckham Risk Free

Do it, get one for yourself, but here's my biggest piece of advice: use a virtual hairstyler first! No matter how "cool" a hairstyle is, if it doesn't suit you, well... it just doesn't suit you. (If you're interested you might like to try "Find Your Perfect H... Read More »

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