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Hairstyles Gallery: Pictures from the MTV Video Music Awards, 2008

Last week I said that before Miley Cyrus attends the MTV Video Music Awards she really needs to pick up her game and improve her hairstyle. Oh, and I said the same about Taylor Swift and Britney Spears (and 4 other MTV nominees). Did you look at the pictures? Who can blame me: their hairstyles were very, very average. Now the awards have just happe... Read More »


Hairstyles Gallery: Pictures from the Teen Choice Awards, 2008

The Teen Choice Awards 2008 is the best place to see the latest celebrity hairstyles. Check out our Miley Cyrus and Vanessa Hudgens pictures, as well as ... Read More »


Hairstyles Review for 20 April 2007

Kelly Clarkson Kelly stepped out with this glamorous look at the 24th Annual ASCAP Pop Music Awards and made quite an impression. Her shoulder length bob was cut with straight, blunt edges to c... Read More »


Celebrity Hairstyle Steal

Dita Von Teese's Classic Roll Inspired by the 1940s, this sassy hairdo is easy to achieve with plenty of time to prepare and the right hair styling products. Hairstyle Step #1<... Read More »


Hairstyles from American Idol

Kelly Clarkson Roy's Opinion Since winning Idol back in 2002, Kelly seems to have gone full circle with her hair color back to a dark, mocha brown. I like dark hair on Kelly, it lo... Read More »


Celebrity Hairstyles Review for April 2007

Sofia Milos Roy's Opinion Sofia has used her natural curls to their fullest advantage for a sensational look. The open ringlets look much better than the "stretched out" v... Read More »


Celebrity Hairstyles Review for February 2007

Rachel McAdams Roy's Opinion This shoulder length solid design with soft graduated layers throughout is a perfect cut and fit for Rachel's diamond shape face. It add... Read More »


David Beckham: Hairstyles of a Celebrity Trendsetter

I don't have the best memory for sport, but one thing I always remember is David Beckham's Mohawk hairstyle during the 2002 FIFA World Cup. And you know what else I remember? All those wannabe Beckhams running around with the same hairdo for years and years after (admit it, I'm sure you're guilty of flirting with the Beckham Mohawk yourself sometime in the past). It seems that Beckham's diff... Read More »


The Hairstyles That Stole the Show

I'm not just talking about noticing a character's style, like Gwyneth Paltrow's blonde bob in Sliding Doors. Watching that film, a thought (every now and then) like, "Yeah, that one definitely suits her better than the other" might have skirted into the sides of my consciousness. And I'm not just talking about noticing bad hair either, like Matt Damon's fluffy, grown-out-c... Read More »


Rihanna, Friends and Hairstyle Trends Back in Fashion Again

Some things just keep coming back: spinning round and round. That's what I realised when I was sitting in my local cafe and flipping through a magazine looking at big glossy pictures of Katie Holmes and Rihanna. What's back? Kati... Read More »


Celebrity Hairstyles Review for January 2007

Teri Hatcher Roy's Opinion I think that curls are softer looking on Teri than straight hair. This style is a perfect one for her and adds body and bounce throughout, lite... Read More »


Celebrity Hairstyles Review for March 2007

Christina Aguilera Roy's Opinion This is a very sexy and sensual look for Christina. She really has grown up with her image in the last 12 mo... Read More »


Celebrity Hairstyle Rehab

It seems like every week a new celebrity lands in rehab after turning away from the realities of life and falling into a destructive pattern of drinking and drugs. Not only does this wreak havoc on their life and career, it also severely affects their body and their hair. The reason why most people see an instant change in their hair when they are taking any sort of drug is because t... Read More »


MTV Awards (Video Music Awards 2008) and Celebrity Hairstyles, Part One

This year I'm doing a two-part feature. Here, in part one, I'm going to look at 10 nominees' hairstyles from before the MTV awards. I want to work out who needs to improve their look for the big event (Miley: I hope you're reading this). Next week, in part two, I'm going to compare the stars' new hairstyles at the actual MTV awards with their old hairstyles. Did they get better or worse?... Read More »


Online Hairstyle Makeovers for Frustrated Sex and the City Stars

Eyes closed and mouth open. That's how I looked because I was horrified and sad. It all came over me when, glued to my TV, I first saw Sarah, Kim, Cynthia and Kristin at the premiere of their movie Sex and the City . You might be wondering why I reacted this way, so I'll get straight to the point: their hairstyles were so boring I just couldn't believe it. I was sad b... Read More »

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