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The Hairstyles That Stole the Show

Sometimes, when I'm watching a movie, I get really distracted by a character's hair. It can be the main character, a minor character, or even a cameo. And I don't just mean distracted, I mean DISTRACTED! Like every time I see them, I'm thinking about their hair, to the point where the first thing I say to my film buddy (who's usually looking a bit poorly because they know they're just about to get an ear full of one-of-Roger's-film-tirades) is: "Was it just me, or was that film all about their hair?" Read More »


Rihanna, Friends and Hairstyle Trends Back in Fashion Again

THS looks at some popular hairstyles that keep coming back in fashion and some hot celebrities flaunting them at the moment. Read More »


Celebrity Hairstyles Review: Latest Looks

Our hair style critics rate the latest celebrity hairstyles. Visit our celebrity hairstyles gallery to see these great hairstyles and more! Read More »


Celebrity Hairstyles Review: Latest Looks

Our top hair consultants rate the latest celebrity looks. Visit our celebrity hairstyles gallery to see these great hairstyles and more! Read More »


Christina Aguilera's Hairstyle Horrors

This dirty diva has always been a style and makeup junkie, and like all up-and-coming stars, has had a few hair mishaps along the way. Read More »


Celebrity Hairstyle Rehab

When is enough, enough? Read More »


MTV Awards (Video Music Awards 2008) and Celebrity Hairstyles, Part One

It's not really true that I'm not excited about the vague possibility of Britney kissing another woman (again) at this year's MTV VMA awards. But since I doubt that'll happen, the next best thing for me is checking out the celebrity hairstyles. Read More »


Celebrity Hairstyle Profile: Ashley Tisdale

This blonde bombshell, and most famous Disney girl of her time, let's her luscious locks have all the attention. And with her singing career up and running, Ashley is sure to top the pops as well as the sliver screen. Read More »


Celebrity Hairstyle Profile: Jane Fonda

This legendary star and exercise queen has always been the most fashionable woman of her time. Her hairstyles are always changing for the better, and even though Jane is now out of the limelight, her hairstyles will continue to be timeless classics. Read More »


Online Hairstyle Makeovers for Frustrated Sex and the City Stars

Part two of THS' expose of celebrity hairdos gone wrong. In part one I was critical of the stars' latest hairstyles from the premiere of the Sex and the City movie. Now, in part two, I use the THS virtual hair styler to offer my own (much needed) makeover tips and "how to do hairstyles" advice. Read More »

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