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Easy Hair and Beauty Habits

An easy hair and beauty habit involves taking a small and simple process (for example, Hair brush and... Read More »


Lipstick Tips

The perfect lipstick can be all you need to finish off a fabulous makeup look or bring the right amount of warmth and attention to your features, so ensure your ... Read More »


Eyelash Makeup Tips: Making the Most of Your Mascara

Whether you’re after a natural, pretty daytime look, or a high glamour nighttime look, mascara can help create it by enhancing your eyelashes! Try it today with a little help from these eyelash http://www... Read More »


Makeup Tips: Foundation

No makeup look is complete without an envy-inducing complexion brought to life with the right foundation, so to ensure your makeup look gets the right start, and has a strong finish, take a look at these foundation tips. Choosing the Right Foundation Model cool s... Read More »


Blush Basics & Tips to Makeover Your Cheekbones

Blush isn't just for adding a healthy glow to your face, it also helps to bring out your cheekbones, enhance your face shape and has lots of other great uses and tricks that will help you to create a great look. Blush Basics... Read More »


Monthly Beauty Regime for Healthy Hair & Nourished Skin!

Although we’d all love to just wake up looking like we’ve stepped out of the pages of a magazine, reality is usually a little different. It is actually possible to get great skin and hair, however. All it takes is a complete beauty routine that looks after your hair and skin. Healthy Hair and Nourished Skin, Monthly Read More »


Weekly Beauty Regime for Healthy Hair & Nourished Skin!

To get the best from your skin and hair, all it takes is a little dedication and a beauty routine that gives your hair strands and skin an extra boost. Healthy Hair and Nourished Skin, Weekly ... Read More »


Daily Beauty Regime for Healthy Hair & Nourished Skin!

If you've ever seen someone with perfect skin or soft, silky hair and wanted the same thing then wish no more! Glowing skin and heavenly hair can be yours too. All it takes is a little dedication and a daily beauty routine that cares for your hair strands and nourishes your skin. Healthy Hair and Nourished Skin, Daily This routine covers the basic beauty and hair re... Read More »


How to Create a Flattering Eye Shadow Look

Playing around with eye shadow is all part of the fun of using makeup, but if you really want to ensure that your eyes look their best every time you apply your makeup then creating a flattering eye shadow look is the way to go! How to Create a Flattering Look Read More »


Eye Shadow Basics

While adding eye shadow to your eyes might be a relatively easy process (after all, all you need to do is sweep the color over your lids), knowing how to apply your eye shadow properly and what color to choose does require some basic know-how and skill. And we have all the info to help you right here… Eye Shadow Basics   Eye Shadows htt... Read More »


Makeup Tricks: Shaping Your Lips

Makeup isn't just for adding a splash of color to your face. It can be used to help you enhance and make the most of your natural features, including correcting any mouth or lip problems with some simple tricks. Flat Lips http://images.theha... Read More »


Beauty Masks for Your Hair, Face and Hands

Beauty masks are a great way to revive your skin and hair and come packed with all the ingredients to smooth, soften and hydrate tired locks, put a glow back into your complexion and give weary hands the pampering they deserve. Beauty masks can be bought online or at any supermarket or department store, and like Read More »


6 Simple Steps to a DIY Pedicure

If you spend all week stuffing your feet into sweaty shoes or balancing on ridiculously high (but beautifully fashionable) high heels, give your feet a treat with this DIY pedicure. What You’ll Need:Read More »


6 Simple Steps to a DIY Manicure

Giving yourself a manicure takes surprisingly little time and can even be done while you’re pampering yourself with other beauty therapies, like facials or Read More »


Skin Type and Hair Care Essentials

More often than not, our skin looks tired and dry and our hair is just downright unruly. And while that mostly comes down to genetics and is out of our control, there are also things that we do, such as the way we treat and style our hair, not using a skin care routine, or using the wrong hair and ... Read More »

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