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Before and After Makeover

Before and After Makeover #1 Face shape: oblong Complexion: fair cool Eye color: dark brown Hair texture: fine/medium Read More »


Makeup Rules: Highlight Basics

There's a reason why celebrities make use of highlighting techniques. Using highlighter is the best way to bring out the gorgeous features of your face and will give you an all over glow. But if the thought of using a highlighting hre... Read More »


The Best Eye Shadow Ideas for Your Eye Shape

No matter the occasion, if you apply your makeup so that it'll bring out the best in your features, you'll always end up with a stunning finish. Use the following tips to ensure your eyes always look amazing. Deep Set Eyes http://www.theh... Read More »


Foundation Tips for a Cake-Free Finish

It was probably something you didn't even notice until you left the house or saw an unflattering photo on Facebook, but it's not a look you'll be keen to repeat. Avoid it by using these makeup tips. Ensure You're Wearing the Right Formula Read More »


Touch Up Tips for Makeup Mistakes

Often before applying makeup, especially if it's for a big event, we have an idea in our heads of how the finished product will look. 9 times out 10, that image looks nothing like what we planned. If this happens to you every time you try to pull off a fabulous loo... Read More »


Double Duty Hair and Beauty Products

Often, the products you use for your hair can be used to help with your makeup and beauty routine and vice versa. You've just got to know which products will pull double duty! Mascara: Read More »


Makeup Ideas for Red Hair Colors

When you've got the right hair color, it's easy to pull off a great look. One way to really ensure that your look is on point is to also complement your hair color with the right makeup. For some great makeup ideas that will bring out the best in a dark or light red hair colors, give these ideas a try!   Light Red Hair Color http://www.theha... Read More »


Skin Care Ritual: Night-time Beauty Routine Ideas

At night, your body winds down and repairs itself from the stresses of the day. That means that night-time treatments can be absorbed more readily, giving you the chance to wake up with a glorious glow! To find out more, take a look at these beauty routine ideas and th... Read More »


The Best Makeup Colors for Redheads

Nothing brings a look together like flawless makeup and a beautiful looking hair color. To see how you can create a great look no matter the occasion, combine these makeup color suggestions with your Read More »


Hair and Makeup Don'ts

While it might be easy to spot when a hair and makeup look is wrong, mistakes can happen to the best of us- even celebrities with stylists on hand! Ensure you don't end up with a look you'll regret by keeping these hair and makeup don'ts in mind. ... Read More »


Flawless Foundation for Brunettes

It’s not just healthy, shiny hair strands that can make your hair color stand out; makeup is also a fun and easy way to put the spotlight on your brunette locks. Keep reading to find out how you can use makeup to your advantage. Foundation for Br... Read More »


The Best Lipstick Colors for Brunettes

It’s not just healthy, shiny hair strands that can make your hair color stand out; makeup is also a fun and easy way to put the spotlight on your hair color. To see for yourself, find out which lipstick colors will bring out the best in your brunette shad... Read More »


The Best Eye Shadow Colors for Brunettes

It’s not just healthy, shiny hair strands that can make your hair color stand out; makeup is also a fun and easy way to put the spotlight on your hair colo... Read More »


Hair and Beauty Treatment Tips for Oily Hair and Skin

If you suffer from oily skin and hair then yo... Read More »


Hair and Beauty Treatment Tips for Dry Hair and Skin

Dry skin and hair can be a very frustrating issue to have and can usually only be resolved with the help of moisturizing treatments and products. These products help to inject moisture into your hair strands and skin where it’s needed most, so it pays to ensure that you get as much nourishing power from these great products as possible. To find out how to make the most of your ... Read More »

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