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Hair Product Tips: Conditioner

To get clean hair we use shampoo. To get soft, manageable hair, we use conditioner! Hair conditioner works for your locks in a similar way to fabric conditioner for your clothes. It coats the cuticle of your hair, making it nice and soft, but it can only repair... Read More »


Red Hair: Color Ideas & Advice for Trying the Hottest Hair Trend

One hair color trend that has been inescapable for the last year is red hair. With everyone from Rihanna to Drew Barrymore trying the trend, red hues suddenly became th... Read More »


Two-Tone Hair Color Splash!

A definite way to spice up your hair color and forgo the choice of having to decide between two equally great hair shades is to add a Read More »


Mid-Length Hairstyle Ideas

With the all the sassiness of a short hairdo and the versatility of a long hair length, mid-length hair can give you the chance to try lots of different looks. All it takes is some styling know-how a... Read More »


Short Hairstyle Makeovers

Like any hair length, short hair can easily end up in a styling rut. The great news about short hair, however, is that it's so versatile that just a few changes to the wa... Read More »


Updo Ideas for All Occasions!

When you're looking for a nice way to tie your hair back, a new look for the workplace or a flattering wedding hairstyle for your big day, an updo is an obvi... Read More »


Pretty Plaits

If you want a quick and easy way to boost your look without a lot of effort then using plaits to create different hairdos could be the hairstyle trend for you!   Plaited Bangs: ... Read More »


Hairstyle Ideas for Fine Hair

While having fine hair can sometimes mean missing out on a hairdo that only thick hair can hold up, it doesn't mean that you can't have a head turning hairstyle or so many hairstyling options that you can wear a new look every day of the week. All you need are some hairstyle id... Read More »


Hairstyle Ideas for Thick Hair

One of the great things about thick hair is that there are always a lot of hairstyles that are very well suited for thick locks. Another is that most styles will stay in your hair long after other hair types have faltered and fallen flat. While this means that your hairstyl... Read More »


Bridal Hairstyle Ideas: Wavy and Straight

While bridal hairstyles come in lots of different choices and brides are free to choose whatever hairdo matches their dress, suits their theme or takes their fancy, wavy and http://www.theha... Read More »


Quick Hairstyle Changes: Day to Night

With everyday lives getting busier and busier it can be hard to keep on top of styling your hair and creating a different look for every event or occasion - especially if you've got multiple events on the same day! ... Read More »


Long Hairstyle Makeovers

If you’re lucky enough to have long, luscious hair then chances are you aren’t changing your versatile length anytime soon. And why should you? After all, your hair looks great, you can pull off practically any hairstyle you want and you’re always being complimented on it. The only downside is that sometimes perfect long hair can be perfectly boring! It’s so e... Read More »


Holiday Hair Color Ideas

Everyone loves to try a new look around the holidays, something to show off to family and friends when celebrating Christmas, or a great new look to kick off the New Year in style. But rather than going all out on a new haircut, or trying to get the hang of a new hairstyle during a time when you've got l... Read More »


Red Hair Color Ideas

For the ultimate head turning hair color you just can't go past the appeal of a red hair color. And it seems like the world agrees with many big name celebrities, magazine articles and hair trend alerts heralding red hair is the color to have right now! Red ... Read More »


Hairstyles for Parties

Need a makeover so you look great for all your end of year parties? Well look no further. Now that the holidays are coming and you know that you’ll be going to parties and events with friends and family, it’s time to find a great party hairstyle! Below are some of our favorite suggestions for perfect party hair. Take a look, read our styling tips and try one on using our Read More »

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