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WTF is "Scene Hair" Anyhow?

Scene hair: what is it anyhow? Is it even around anymore? Is there anyone in my neighbourhood with scene hair? Are scenesters as sensitive as emos about people (like me) defining their fashion for them? Let's find out... Read More »


Top 5 Hair Product Myths

With the amount of hair product information available today it sometimes becomes very hard to work out what's true and what's a complete myth. Read More »


Hairstyle Trend: Women's Slicked Hair thinks it's vital that you stay up to date with all the latest hair trends. Here's one that's sure to turn heads: slicked (gelled) hair. Check it out. Read More »


Bangs Trimming Tips

It's best to get a professional to trim your bangs but if you really insist then keep reading... Read More »


Hairstyles for Height

I was reading some tips the other day about hairstyles that can make you appear taller, so I thought I'd share them with you here. Read More »


Get Cameron Diaz's Flicked Hairstyle

If you're in a bit of a styling rut here's another great hairstyle you might like to try: the flicked look! Read More »


Perfect Party Hair Makeover

It's the silly season again so why not get yourself a new party hairstyle! Read More »


Hair Makeover Tips: The Headband

If you love your current hair length and you're happy with your hair color then it's time to find new ways to experiment with your hair to give yourself a new look. Read More »


Hair Product Tips: Shampoo

Try these handy tips next time you're shampooing your hair. Read More »


Hair Product Advice: Shampoo

Shampoo is one of the most important hair products you'll ever need and something that many of us just can't live without. Read More »


Blow-Dry Tips Your Hair Can't Live Without

You've got the hairstyle you want in mind but to make it perfect and to ensure you protect your precious hair take heed of the following essential blow-dry tips. Read More »


Celebrity Makeovers Gone Terribly Wrong

If you want a good makeover then you need to know what a bad makeover looks like too. Read More »


Hair Care Tips for Great Summer Hair

While summer might mean sun filled days and relaxing swims for you, it also means fried and moisture robbed locks for your hair! Read More »


Hair Care Advice: 5 Ways to Fight Frizz

Give yourself the power to fight frizzy hair with these 5 easy ways. Read More »


Healthy Hair Makeover

If your locks are looking a little lackluster, feeling dry or could just do with a boost then you need to look no further than your fridge. Read More »

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