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The Best and Worst Hairstyles from the 2011 Golden Globe Awards

The 2011 Golden Globe Awards saw a return to old school glamour with many celebrities choosing to style their hair with old Hollywood flair. Volume filled buns, retro curls and super stylish dresses dominated the night, and as usual, there were those who missed the mark completely, either by choosing the wrong outfit or by under styling their hair. See below for our picks of the best... Read More »


Must Try Hair Color Trends

When a fabulous new look is what you want, a fabulous new hair color is all you need. But a great new hair color is not just about picking the most appealing color on the box, it's about choosing a hair color that is going to give you a look that makes you feel great and your hair look gorgeous. Give your look the ultimate transformation by trying out a hair color trend that steers c... Read More »


Celebrity Hairstyle Ideas to Snap You Out of a Styling Rut

When it comes to hairstyles there's always a time when the 'do you've been wearing, the color you've been dying your hair, and the length you've been sporting is in dire need of a mix up, so we've put together some celebrity hairstyles that are great options that you can use to snap ... Read More »


The Best Hairstyles from the American Music Awards 2010

The 2010 American Music Awards kicked off in spectacular fashion this year with a medley performance from Click here for... Read More »


Celebrity Hairstyle Steal: Short Hair

If your short hairstyle could do with a styling boost, a new-look haircut, or if you're thinking of chopping off your longer hair and going short then these celebrity hairstyles are worth ... Read More »


Celebrity Hairstyle Steal: Hair Color

If you're looking for some new hair color inspiration when it comes to freshening up your existing color, or if you want to give yourself a whole new look, then these celebrity hair colors are worth stealing and trying for yourself! Blonde Ha... Read More »


Retro Hair

What's Hot... Jenn... Read More »


Celebrity Haircuts They'll Regret

We all get haircuts from time to time we regret. I remember I had a disgusting greasy short Caesar cut when I was about 16... Read More »


Celebrity "Tools" and Their Hairstyles

An Australian website the other day was talking about celebrity "tools." A "tool," apparently, is Aussie slang for an annoying person; or more specifically, an annoying person who doesn't quite realize how annoying they are- in fact, they consider themselves pretty cool. Here's a list of the celebrities the website was nominating as tools, see what you think. But ... Read More »


Shocking Celebrity Hairstyles

I was flicking through a magazine the other day and came across a picture of Drew Barrymore with a hairstyle so tragic I thought surely she hadn’t look in the mirror before she left the house. Here was a top Hollywood star out in full view of the public and paparazzi wearing... Read More »


Your Ultimate Celebrity Hairstyles?

Sometimes I like to imagine I’m a celebrity. When I’m bored—maybe on the bus or while I’m waiting for my dinner to finish in the microwave—I think about how cool it would be to be a celebrity. I daydream about going to all those cool restaurants they’re always pictured at in LA, about having so many paparazzi friends, about everyone liking me, and most of ... Read More »


Lily Allen: Bad Hair of the Year?

In the hairstyling and fashion world celebrities are a big source of inspiration and debate. Today it's Lily Allen's turn to be in the spotlight. In the past our celebrity blogs have asked you who you think has better hair: Read More »


Celebrity Sex Scandal Hairstyles

There are so many celebrity sex scandals and nude pictures these days they're really not “scandals” anymore. I mean a scandal is a surprise, a one-off naughty event that is emba... Read More »


Grow Up Paris & Lose Your Headband, Not

Paris Hilton loves headbands and she proves how practical, st... Read More »


Celebrity Swimsuit Hairstyles

Recently I just couldn’t help studying, closely, a blog post about the latest swimsuit trends from the catwalk; and in an attempt to put the information to good use (rather than just ogling it) I thought it would be a good idea to make some comments about great swimsuit hairstyles. As usual, celebrities are the best source of inspiration, so if you’re enjoying the warmer months a... Read More »

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