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Do These Leading Ladies Look Better in Pixie Cuts?

Just look at any red carpet event and you will see that almost every female celebrity has long, glossy locks that have been perfectly coiffed into goddess-like waves. But, we imagine this can get boring and hence the desire to chop it all off has hit many celebs over the years--some with fabulous results, some not so fabulous. Usually, getting "the chop" stems from getting a movie ... Read More »


Jennie Garth, Alanis Morissette and Hilary Swank Hairstyles for Oblong Faces

An oblong face shape is characterized by long and narrow proportions with a straight cheek line and pointy chin. Because oblongs are bottom-heavy, styles that pull the eye upwards are most flattering, whereas very ... Read More »


Bangs or No Bangs for a Square Face: Nicole Richie

A style chameleon in her own right, Nicole Richie is not afraid to experiment with her fashion sense, hair color or makeup style. At there's one thing we always notice staying the same in her life: those boring bangs! Whether her hair's long, blonde, brune... Read More »


Celebrity Hairstyles Best & Worst: 2011 Emmy Awards

While the Emmy Awards are usually all about glitz and glamour, hairstyles for TV's night of nights were kept low-key this year. This gave the celebrities the chance to either shine with a simple-yet-stunning look, or fall casually flat. Check out the best and worst hairdos below... Side Styled - Maria Menounos vs. Jennifer Carpenter http://www.thehairstyl... Read More »


Celebrity Hairstyles Best & Worst: MTV 2011 Video Music Awards

While the awards themselves might have been overshadowed by Beyonce's pregnancy announcement, there were lots of hairstyles that were a definite highlight, while other looks were just as bad as Lady Gaga spending the evening dressed as a man. Check out the best and worst hairdos belo... Read More »


Celebrity Hairstyle Ideas: 4 Great Ways to Wear Waves

Adding waves to your locks is one of the most popular and easy ways to style your hair so we've put together 4 of our favorite wavy celebrity hairstyles to show you different ways that your waves can be worn, and to inspire you to create a great look no matter the occasion. Check them out below...Read More »


Center Part Hairstyles

While a new colour and cut is the obvious way to update your look, there is another way that is much simpler and doesn’t involve a lot of time, commitment or money, and that’s changing your part! You may be wondering if parts really can go in and out of fashion, and according to the fashion runways, yes, they can. Obviously, if your face shape doesn’t suit a... Read More »


Celebrity Hairstyle Makeover Inspirations

When you're stuck in a hair cut rut, you're sick of the same hairstyle, or want to give you locks a boost, the best way to get out of it is to Read More »


Everyday Celebrity Hairstyle Ideas

While there's no denying a red carpet celebrity hairstyle can inspire a great look for a big event, a simple 'do from a celebrity can also be just what you need to inject some star style into your hair for everyday wear. Selena Gomez - Pinned Back Selena Gomez hairstyl... Read More »


Glamorous Waves: Celebrity Hairstyle Steal

If you've got a party, a formal, a wedding, or even just a favorite day of the week, dressing your tresses in glamorous waves is a fantastic option - as these celebrities show!  Miranda Kerr - Shiny Waves Miranda Kerr Long Shiny Waves... Read More »


Celebrity Haircolor Showdown: Who Wore It Best

For every celebrity that has a drop-dead gorgeous, trend inspiring haircolor, there is another celebrity, who even with a top-notch hair colorist on speed dial, gets the same haircolor terribly wrong... Blonde Haircolor http://images.thehai... Read More »


Celebrity Updo Hairstyles: Do's and Don'ts

Updos will always be a red carpet staple for celebrities and are also great styling choices for when you need a glamorous look or a stylish way to do something different with your hair. So to ensure that you make the most out of a versatile updo, keep these Read More »


Best and Worst Hairstyles: Oscar Awards 2011

It was promoted as the Oscars for a younger generation after ... Read More »


Best and Worst Hairstyles: Grammy Awards 2011

The 2011 Grammy Awards kicked off with Lady G... Read More »


Faux Hair Styling

If you've ever wondered how a celebrity can line up a week of appearances where they have long hair at one event, short at the next, and then back to long again without a hair extension in sight then you've been a witness to the trickery of faux styling! Faux styling involves pinning... Read More »

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