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Lipstick vs. Lip Gloss

In the world of makeup, adding something to your lips is the perfect way to ensure that your look, whether it's for a glamorous event, a day at the office or hanging with friends on the weekend, has a nice finish. Read More »


The Ivanka Trump Wedding Routine has all the tips to help you make sure you look great on your wedding day. As part of our wedding preparation coverage we think it's useful to share with you information about how other people prepare for their big day. Have a read below of Ivanka Trump's secrets for looking good on her wedding day. Read More »


Skin Tips: Facial Exercises has all the hair and skin tips to have you looking your best. Facial exercises are an alternative method thought by some to rejuvenate and strengthen tired skin. Have you tried facial exercises? Tell us what you think. Read More »


Makeup Matches for Your Brown Hair Color

When it comes to wearing makeup it's easy to base your choice on reasons such as that silver eye shadow going great with your sparkly earrings or that red lipstick being the exact color match for your nail polish, and while there's nothing wrong with that, if you really want makeup that works for you then matching it to your hair color is also a great option to try. Read More »


Matching Your Hairstyle and Makeup

In the past has provided you with some essential hairstyling and beauty tips; for example, finding the right hairstyle for your face shape, matching your hair and dress and matching your face shape, hair and sunglasses. In what follows you can find some helpful tips about matching makeup with three basic hairstyles. Read More »


Woman, Your Outfit and Hair are Terrible! keeps you in the loop about the best and worst dressed celebrities... Read More »


Smackingly Good Lips Tips is the definitive resource for information about hairstyles and beauty. Read these tips for healthy luscious lips. Read More »


Beyonce Beautiful Skin Tips is the definitive resource for information about hairstyles and beauty. Find out how to have healthy beautiful skin with these simple tips. Read More »


Skin Care Tips: How to Give Yourself a Facial Massage

Combing your beauty treatments with massage has some fantastic benefits and gives you the chance to indulge in a little unwinding. Using massage relaxes your face and releases tension (bye bye wrinkles), stimulates blood supply (hello healthy glowing complexion) and helps to keep your skin supple. Read More »


Night Skin Care Routine in 3 Easy Steps

While it's easy enough to give your face a wash in the morning, sometimes when it comes to the end of the day we're just too tired to look after our skin. The trouble with that is that our skin is carrying pollution, worn down make-up and all the food, oils and germs we've transferred to our face with our fingertips while we've been going about our day-to-day business! Read More »

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